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Tuition and Fees

Keeping Tuition Affordable

Choosing a Catholic education for your child can be a big decision that involves a significant investment. Thanks to many loyal donors, alumni and Tippecanoe County parishioners, the Lafayette Catholic School System has been able to keep the cost to educate a student at about 60% of its public counterparts. And even better, the actual tuition cost charged is less than the cost to educate each student.

Keeping tuition affordable for as many families as possible, while maintaining a faith-based education preparing more than 95% our graduates to go onto college, is a primary goal for the Lafayette Catholic School System. Affordable is different for every family. This is why our school community works diligently to make it possible for more than $2.5 million need-based Student Aid to be awarded to more than 64% of our student population.

Preschool Tuition Chart

2021-22 Tuition including book fees per student

Most families qualify for some form of student aid. Complete the Net Cost Calculator below to receive an estimate of your family’s award.

Multi-Child Parish Assistance Scholarship

Active registered families at one of the six Tippecanoe County parishes: Blessed Sacrament, St. Ann, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, St. Mary Cathedral and St. Thomas Aquinas are eligible for Parish Assistance Scholarships. This includes families moving to the Lafayette area and who will be joining one of these six parishes.

Payment Plan Options

Payments are automatic withdraw by FACTS, a tuition payment processing company, for the Lafayette Catholic School System.