GAGA Pit Gets a Facelift

At St. Lawrence School, the unmistakable laughter and cheers echoing during recess have long been attributed to one thing: the beloved GAGA pit. This lively and engaging game has been a staple of the students' playtime for years, providing countless hours of fun and physical activity. However, recently, the GAGA pit had fallen into disrepair, causing concerns about students returning from recess dusty, muddy, or dirty. But thanks to the determination of parents Amie and Jade Anthrop '08, a group of students, and Father Andrew Dudzinski, the GAGA pit is now making a triumphant return.
GAGA, a fast-paced and high-energy game, is played in an octagonal pit. The objective is to eliminate opponents by striking a soft foam ball at or below their knees, while players can only use an open hand to hit the ball. If you get hit, you're out, and the last person standing wins. It's easy to see why the game is so popular among students at St. Lawrence – it's a fun way to stay active and enjoy some friendly competition.
Jade and Amie Anthrop were the driving force behind the rehabilitation of the GAGA pit. The duo recognized that the pit had seen better days, with its surface worn down and the wooden border showing signs of decay. They knew that something had to be done to restore this cherished play area.
To fund the rehabilitation project, Jade and Amie launched a donation drive that saw incredible support from their fellow parents, our students, and St. Lawrence basketball coaches Dave and Beth Herr. The campaign raised over $5,000, an amount that surpassed expectations and signaled the deep appreciation and enthusiasm for the GAGA pit at St. Lawrence School.
With the funds secured, the rehabilitation work began in earnest. The wooden border was repaired and treated to withstand the rigors of daily use. Thank you to Will Hubertz '07 and Sam Mills '07 along with John Anthrop '76 for assisting with the construction of the pit. The surface of the GAGA pit's floor was rehabilitated, ensuring a clean and safe playing environment. The project also included enhancements like better drainage to prevent the pit from becoming muddy after rain.
The result is a rejuvenated GAGA pit that is now better than ever, ready to welcome students for countless hours of energetic play. 
The students at St. Lawrence School can once again enjoy GAGA without the worry of coming back from recess covered in dirt. The GAGA pit's rehabilitation is a testament to the power of community spirit and the determination of dedicated individuals who understand the importance of maintaining a safe and fun environment for children. The story of the GAGA pit at St. Lawrence School is one of inspiration, collaboration, and the enduring joy that comes from playing a simple yet thrilling game with friends.