Let your State Legislators know you support School Choice!




House Bill 1005

This week, the House Ways and Means Committee passed House Bill 1005 (Choice Scholarship expansion & ESA program.) The bill moves to the full house for a vote the week of Feb. 15. If passed in its current form, it will:

  • allow more families to have access to quality education - despite their zip code;
  • streamline the program to provide greater funding for current families, and;
  • expand the eligibility requirements so that MORE families will be able to choose the school that best fits their needs.

House Bill 1005 would raise the income eligibility for School Choice Scholarships, giving all families of four earning up to $109,000 a 90% voucher in 2021-22. 


House Bill 1005 will be heard next week in a full house session. At the earliest, there will be a vote on Tuesday, 2/16.


House Bill 1001 will be heard next week in a full house session. At the earliest, there will be a vote on Wednesday, 2/17.


House Bill 1001

This bill is the state budget bill. The proposed budget includes the following for private school students and families:

  • Increases the SGO cap to $18 million in credits for next year and $19 million the year after
  • Increases SGO income eligibility to 225% of FRL for next year and 300% the year after



We are asking our families to write legislators in support of House Bill 1005 and 1001. It is a really easy process and your support, in your own words, can make a difference! It could be just the push we need to help your family and thousands more like you. 


Our partners at the Institute for Quality Education have prepared an Action Center for HB 1005 and an Action Center for HB 1001 to make it easy for you to let your support of Expansion of School Choice Legislation be known. Just add a few of your own words to their crafted message and let your voice be heard!


Ten minutes of your time could have a lifetime impact on your family and finances, not to mention the lives of thousands of Hoosier children!


It is very important for our school community (administrators, staff, teachers, families, board members, community partners and supporters) contact House members (all 100 members) over the next four days.  We ask that you review the two bills and take action through the IQE Action Centers. 


Thank you for your support!