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Who Do You Want Your Child to Be?

View More: http://martalewisphotography.pass.us/st-lawrenceIt’s fun asking young children that age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Their answers are so telling about the world in which they live. A recent visit to a TV station might prompt a child to want to be a weatherman, or an unexpected visit to the emergency room could inspire them to be a doctor or nurse.

Have you ever thought about what YOU want to them to be when they grow up? And not just the profession they might take on, but what kind of person do you want them to be? What kind of character traits do you want them have? What kind of values do you want them to possess?

This was never so evident for me as to when I went to my oldest child’s Parent Teacher conference. From the papers my child had been bringing home, I could see he could do the academic work expected of him. But my questions for the teacher were maybe a little out of the ordinary for the typical conference. I wanted to know “What was he like on the playground? Did he get along with others? Did he treat others as he wanted them to treat him?”

I trusted the school would do their part in educating my child intellectually. But I had other goals for my child. I wanted him to be kind, generous, forgiving, and compassionate toward the needs of others. I also wanted him to understand our faith as well.St. Mary's-0001

This is why a faith-based education was such a good fit for our family.  The academics were a given, but I needed a school that would continue to develop those character traits that we stressed at home, too. You know – those non-concrete skills that schools don’t typically measure such as kindness, respect, and generosity of time, talent, and treasure.

I also wanted my child to see how these traits related to our faith. I wanted him to understand that at the basis of everything is a strong relationship with Christ. I needed a school that would help me help him know God and keep this relationship alive and well!

When you are considering the options for educating your children, get out the notepad and get that list going of who you want your child to be.  And then, choose the school that will best support you in your efforts to raise your child in the traits that you know will St. Mary's-0025make him or her most successful.

Angie Schrader, Admissions Director


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