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Still the Same Since 1988

I have an “Inspiration” file I turn to whenever I am looking for ideas related to the reasons for why families choose the Catholic schools to educate their children. Over the years, this file has gotten quite thick with many parent quotes, magazine articles, copies of priests’ homilies, and spot on emails.


While doing some research recently, I found myself in this file again. Clear at the back was a 32 page booklet titled “Why Choose a Catholic School – In Response to the Question – Why do you send your children to Catholic school?” The publication date by The Catholic Leadership Company was 1988 – 27 years ago.

As I thumbed through the booklet, there on page four was the list of reasons why parents 27 years ago said they chose Catholic schools. Amazingly, the list isn’t very different from what parents continue to say today in 2015. Maybe in different words, but the thoughts are still the same. Take a look…

  • To get a good academic education
  • To be in a school where there is effective discipline
  • To have dedicated, caring teachers
  • To learn what is means to establish proper moral values
  • To learn about God and religion
  • To be accepted for what they have to offer


  • To be safe and happy at school
  • To learn how to get along with others in a spirit of mutual cooperationDSCN4381
  • To be a part of a healthy school community
  • To be taught how to practice their religious beliefs
  • To learn Christian values
  • To have an individualized education
  • To have a meaningful “say” in the school operation
  • To belong to a close family type of community

Do you know a family who is looking to provide and education for their children like one described above? Refer them now to the Admissions office for more information info@lcss.org or 765.474.7500.

Admissions Dates to Remember

January 1 – Grade 1 – 12 applications for 2016-17 can be submitted to the Admissions Office.

January 24 – Open House at St. Mary, St. Lawrence and St. Boniface, Noon – 2 pm

February 8 – Kindergarten Registration at St. Mary and St. Lawrence, 8 am – 1 pm

Angie Schrader, Admissions Director, schrader@lcss.org

Angie Schrader

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