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Mary Ann Grove – Our Lady of Providence Excellence Award

The Through Our Witness awards are given each year to honor Catholic teachers and parish catechists currently serving in the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. The Our Lady of Providence Excellence Award specifically honors a distinguished teacher for his or her dedication in providing a holistic, Catholic education for students that enhances the school mission and vision, creatively engages and motivates learning, and integrates faith into curriculum and instruction.

This year, the Our Lady of Providence Excellence Award winner is Mrs. Mary Ann Grove. Mary Ann has spent 45 years at St. Lawrence Catholic School sharing her faith and teaching expertise with the students and staff. She is one of the most dynamic teachers in the school community, and it is evident that she truly loves her students. Whether she is preparing 2nd graders to celebrate the sacraments for the first time, mentoring a younger teacher to be a more effective educator, or helping Santa in our community, Mary Ann takes on the task with love, energy, and infectious enthusiasm.

“Mary Ann is a true blessing to our parish and school. She inspires many to holiness!” said Fr. Underwood, pastor of St. Lawrence Church.


As a teacher, Mary Ann uses consistent and proactive strategies and routines to help keep her students on task and focused. She takes the time to get to know her students and will individualize methods and actions to help them do their best. No matter the class size, she makes each student feel important.

Mary Ann also integrates her love of God throughout her day and in all that she teaches. Her students, past and present, also appreciate her classroom as a safe, fun, and exciting place. Her classroom has been a place full of love and laughter for nearly three generations of students.

“Mrs. Grove truly exemplifies what it means to be a faith-filled, caring teacher. When you think of St. Lawrence, you can’t help but think of Mrs. Grove!” said Jody Williams, principal of St. Lawrence School.

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