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Fall 2020 School Plans

The last four months have been unsettled at best, for everyone. Our daily life at home, work, church and in the community has been altered for us and for our families, which carries with it uncertainty as to when, or if, there will be a return to what was considered normal. We have just walked through a profound Lenten and Easter Season, however, it was the celebration of Pentecost and the reopening of our parishes that defines this message regarding our plans for the coming school year.

Much like the planning and research we did five years ago that led us to the fortuitous decision to invest in technology for each student, which made the transition to eLearning much easier for LCSS, all of the activities for the last quarter of our school year and into this summer have been planned and executed after diligent research and collaboration. We have continually sought to expand our knowledge-base, seek counsel from experts, and gain wisdom from our efforts over the last few months. This leads me to share with you the extraordinary news that our plan is to start the 2020-21 school year in person in early August.

Our Lafayette Catholic schools have boldly met every challenge presented to them for the past 170 years to fulfill the mission of providing academic excellence woven within the Gospel message. We will continue to do just that. Our families have been letting us know of their eagerness for their students to return to the classroom. It is there that the relationships built between teachers and their students and between students and their peers create the foundation for lifelong learning academically, spiritually, and emotionally. As research has shown, the danger posed to our students is minimal and it would be a gross disservice to families to not figure out a way to reopen.

To that end, we have established a Back to School Task Force which is made up of a thoughtful, creative, and committed group of faculty, staff, Board Members, and volunteer experts. This task force will have focus areas in Health and Safety, Academics, Community of Faith, and Communication.

Each group will be using best practices by working with members of the medical, academic, Catholic independent schools and research communities from around the country to be well prepared for any eventuality we may face. While we do not yet have all the answers, no one does. What we know is we will be bold in our actions, in our preparations, and in our protection of our families.

We have a goal of having a comprehensive plan developed and communicated by July 15. This will ensure we will be ready to live out our mission of preparing our students for life, and, if this year is any indication, our students will be well-prepared for any eventuality with the fruits of the Spirit and a strong faith to carry them through.

God Bless,

Eric Davis
Executive Director
Lafayette Catholic School System

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