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Technology Student Profile – Nate Kerr

Technology Student Profile – Nate Kerr

If you were to ask me what was the glue that held our 1:1 learning initiative together, I would tell you it is three fold.  The first thing that has held it together would be our amazing educators at Central Catholic.  They have embraced the change and are running with it!  The second piece that has held it together is our amazing students.  They have grown with the technology, embraced their new freedoms, and are learning daily about digital citizenship and responsibility.  The final thing I would tell you is Mr. Steve Eddy has done an amazing job running our new Central Catholic Help Desk.  If you have a chance and are walking through the building, stop into the help desk and say hi to Mr. Eddy and see the great space that our students and teachers have to go whenever there is a situation or a problem with their computer.

If you asked Mr. Eddy the same question (what is the glue that has held our 1:1 learning initiative together?) he would tell you something different.  He would tell you the time and talent Nate Kerr has given to the Help Desk is that glue.

CC Help Desk

Nate Kerr is a freshman at Central Catholic High School and is also a member of the Student Technology Leadership Team.  In October, we started a student run help desk in the morning before school.  Nate was the driver behind this model, and has graciously spent almost every morning and afternoon at the Help Desk working with students at CC.  I had the privilege to sit down with Nate while he wasn’t helping other students and ask him a few questions.


What drove you to want to help out in the help desk?

I have always been interested in technology. It has been something that has always been in my life (my dad is in IT). Once I was chosen to be apart of the Student Technology Leadership Team (STLT) in January of 2014, during my 8th grade year, I was ecstatic about the idea of learning about the computers then teaching the students. Once we had taught everyone, Mr. Willmann and Mr. Eddy had the “Help Desk” open for anyone who needed help, or if something wasn’t going right. That’s when I knew that I wanted to help in the Help Desk. I ran the idea past the two. They agreed. In October many members of the STLT worked in there along side me. Recently it has just been myself and on occasion, my friend, Conner Hack. I love to help people as much as I can. Being able to volunteer in the Help Desk has given me an area to do that.Nate helps out students

What has been your biggest challenge in the help desk?

I haven’t had many problems. Actually, my only problem could be when Mr. Willmann uses me as a “test dummy” or “guinea pig” for something he thinks might break our computers, but that’s not really a challenge.

What have you enjoyed the most about the help desk?

The thing I enjoy the most is probably the fact that I know that I am helping someone. It’s mentally rewarding because you can realize, ‘I just helped that person’ and it usually puts me in a good mood. I really like doing it because it’s something I feel like I can do well, and something that suits my approach on technology because the world is always advancing in technology, so the more I can help people, the happier I am.

What do you wish other students knew about the help desk?

I wish the students of CC would realize that there are quiet, personal spaces in the help desk room where you can come and do your homework, before and sometimes after school. The help desk isn’t just for getting your computer fixed.

Many times, I will still see people sitting by their locker on their laptop doing their homework. There is me, sometimes another STLT member, and Mr. Eddy in there, and if they need advice or help on a project, we are there. So, if any of you read this, come by. We also have monitors that you can plug into your computer so you have an extra desktop to work off of.


From both Mr. Eddy and myself, we would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Nate (and his family for getting him to school early every day!) for everything that he has done for the faculty and students at CC.  You are truly a key component to keeping our learning environment one of the best in the nation!

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