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Dearest Lafayette Catholic School System parents, students, faculty, alumni, and supporters:

What an exciting (and busy) last few months it has been for myself and my team here at LCSS.  From getting new MacBook Air laptops and iPad mini’s into the hands of our faculty members, to preparing for the rollout of 400+ devices to students at CC next year, we have been on the move around the clock.

I was fortunate enough to get to spend some time at a STEM Conference put on at Purdue University.  It was empowering, after we listen to the model schools that they brought in, to know we are empowering our students and teachers with the same tools that these schools are.

See the schools websites here:
STEM School Chattanooga http://www.stemschoolchattanooga.net/
Innovation Academy http://www.ianetn.org/

The one common theme that we heard at this conference was the emphasis on using inquiry based learning strategies, such as problem based learning and project based learning. (I blogged about this in an earlier post.) I bring this up just to reinforce that it is great that we are on the right track with utilizing technology in our classrooms.

Our next step as we start thinking about our utilization of our new devices next year will be how do we evaluate their effectiveness? The great part is that we have the SAMR model to utilize for this.

So what is the SAMR Model? Watch the short video below to hear Dr. Ruben Puentedura speak about his model.

As you heard Dr. Puentedura say, when we get to different levels of the SAMR model, we will see higher student outcomes.

Here is a nice article explaining the SAMR model in a slightly different way.

This will be a busy summer for all of us.  I can’t wait to see what your students create next year!

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