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New Director of Learning Design and Technology

New Director of Learning Design and Technology

“Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care.” – Pope Francis

Jeffrey Botteron recently joined the Lafayette Catholic School System as Director of Learning Design and Technology. As a graduate of Bishop Dwenger High School and the College of Saint Rose, Botteron understands firsthand the transformative power of faith-based education. He is looking forward to partnering with LCSS students, parents, staff, and community members in his new role.

Prior to joining LCSS, Botteron spent the first six years of his career as a teacher in both Indiana and New York. During this time, Botteron worked with colleagues to design rigorous learning experiences.

“Our students learned the most when we engineered learning to push them into their sweet spot – that location where you’re not quite sure you can do it, but when you do succeed it feels great,” said Botteron.

As a teacher, Botteron is most proud of the relationships he built with his students – many of whom he remains in contact with to this day.

After leaving the classroom, Botteron went on to serve as an assistant principal in Tippecanoe School Corporation, the Director of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership at the Indiana Department of Education, and a leadership and turnaround strategy consultant. In his role with the Indiana Department of Education, Botteron led the implementation of the model state teacher and principal recruitment, evaluation, and compensation systems. As a leadership and turnaround strategy consultant, Botteron designed innovative blended learning systems using 1:1 technology to accelerate student learning.

“The beauty of the system wasn’t the technology itself; rather it was what you could do with it! Our teams of teachers were empowered with data [collected using the technology] to transform their students’ learning experience. We used frequent formative assessments to pinpoint the gaps in student understanding. With this information, we were able to provide each student with the right intervention at just the right time. Our students did really well. The technology was a tool – a great tool – but the educator was still the linchpin of the system,” said Botteron.

Botteron is excited to merge his knowledge of blended learning design and data-driven instruction with the great educational practices already in place throughout LCSS.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.50.50 AM“In a system where so many students are already performing well, the learning technology combined with better data use has the potential to help us put more students – starting in the elementary with advanced classes – on a pathway to achieve a significant number of college credits while still in high school. This would be good for students and good parents. For the majority of students, the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school increases engagement. And, if the student is successful, mom and dad are now paying less for a college education. Win-win,” Botteron said.

For 15 of his 19 years as a student, Botteron studied in a Catholic school. The Catholic Faith and service to the church has always been a part of his DNA.

“My grandparents’ Catholic Faith and daily attendance at Mass inspired me at an early age to become a believer. My aunt and uncle were Catholic school educators. They taught me the meaning of servant leadership and inspired me to go into education. The Catholic Church has blessed my family. I am very fortunate to be in a position to serve the Church in a professional capacity,” said Botteron.

Botteron holds a B.S. in Secondary Education from Ball State University and M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration from the College of Saint Rose.

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