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Elementary Technology Initiative

Elementary Technology Initiative

When the Pope has his own Twitter account and regularly uses Google Hangouts to engage school-age children from across the globe, we know we’re living in a digital age. Next year, we will carefully and responsibly welcome our K-6 students into this digital age with the launch of our elementary 1:1 learning initiative.

Launching this initiative is not about a device. It’s about a fundamental and profound shift in how our school system will build the academic skills and spiritual foundation necessary for our students to compete and succeed in a global economy. Foundational to our Mission is the education of the whole child – intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual Mission_Melissa_Office_HR (1)capacities – in a culture imbued with a Catholic worldview and distinguished by academic excellence. This requires us to think differently, design learning experiences that are different, and train teachers to deliver a different type of education.

Our transition to a 1:1 device environment supports our principals’ and teachers’ belief that our students are more than a test score or data point. Our students are collaborators, thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. They are bursting with potential that can be best tapped in a learning environment that moves beyond the textbook. Our students don’t want to write an isolated essay, they want to produce a newspaper. They don’t want to complete a worksheet; they want to apply their skills to solve real-world problems. To do the latter doesn’t require an iPad, but an iPad does significantly enhance the experience and allow students to take what they are learning further, faster!

Over the next 3 months, our blogs will report each elementary school’s journey in piloting iPads and cutting edge learning programs. Please follow us! If you want more information than can be provided in a blog, please join us for our 3 iParent nights in March, April, and May. A schedule will be emailed to all elementary parents soon. If you want to learn more today, please click here to view a FAQ about the elementary 1:1 initiative.

DSCN4380Finally, let’s address the shift in our team name: “Learning Design & Technology”. The “Learning Design” part is new and represents our shift in focus from simply and primarily technology to the design of your son or daughter’s learning experience. At LCSS, we recognize that technology should be used as a tool that is seamlessly integrated into the learning experience to maximize the talents of all our students.

I can’t wait to share more information with you! I hope to see all of you at our iParent nights.

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