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Central Catholic 1:1 Program

DSC_0040_2It has been an exciting 6 months for the Technology Department at LCSS.  Between all of the infrastructure updates, providing cloud based productivity tools, and securing our backup and information privacy structure, there have been a lot of moving pieces at LCSS. It’s always nice to reflect on what has been done, it’s always best to push forward and look at what is coming.  Let’s use the Strategic Plan to guide where we are heading. 

Goal 8.1 To build and maintain a technology infrastructure and support system to meet all LCSS academic and operational demands, including the following considerations: a one-to-one/classroom computing strategy, use of cloud based infrastructure, security and information privacy, and wired and wireless infrastructure at all schools. 

We have made some serious inroads in several of the goal areas. The one area that we are excited to announce today is ‘a one-to-one/classroom computing strategy.’ This strategy is one that will take shape over the next several years, where we will be starting at Central Catholic, and then moving down into the elementary schools. This article will be the beginning of several posts for year one.   As you may have seen in the last Knightly News, we decided to move forward with putting an Apple MacBook Air in the hands of each of our Central Catholic students starting in the 2014-15 school year.   

IMG_3243-2BcopyMaking any decision about technology in a school system is more than just choosing the latest and greatest piece of equipment.  We have to ask several questions along the way. How will students and teachers use this device to enhance their learning and teaching experience?  How often do machines need to be worked on? How much down time is there in a class waiting on machines to wake up from being asleep?  What device will allow us to maintain a small technology staff?   While these don’t encompass the multitude of questions we had to answer, you can get an idea of our thought process.  

We made sure to evaluate other schools systems (private and public) who have been utilizing technology in their classroom for some time.   Relationships will never be trumped by the tools we are using.  They can’t, and won’t ever be.  With that being said, it is exciting we are moving into this new age of learning with a partnership with Apple.  They have made a commitment to education over the life of the company (how many of you remember working on an Apple IIe?)     Over the past two years, Apple has made some really exciting announcements.  It all started January 19, 2012 with the announcement of iBooks Author.  A piece of software Apple gives to the major textbook companies to create their textbooks for iBooks.  It was announced Apple would be providing this software to anyone with a Mac for free!  

Continue into this past November, when Apple made a dramatic announcement that all updates to it’s operating system would be free for the life of a device.  As well, Apple began to include its office style suite (dubbed iWorks, which contains Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) as well as it’s creative suite (iMovie, GarageBand, and iPhoto) for free with every Mac and iPad.  Add on top of the addition of iBooks to the Mac (previously only available on the iPad), and they successfully changed the model of what schools should expect from their devices.     I’m excited our students will have the opportunity to utilize these programs and devices starting in the fall of 2014.  

Jeff Botteron

Director of Learning Design and Technology E-Mail Me



Dear parents and students,  This week, virtual classes will be held Thursday, March 19th and Friday March 20th. To access lesson materials and plans, please click on the links below.  Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School: Students – Click HERE; Parents – Click HERE Saint Boniface School: Click HERE Saint Lawrence Elementary School: Click […]

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When the Pope has his own Twitter account and regularly uses Google Hangouts to engage school-age children from across the globe, we know we’re living in a digital age. Next year, we will carefully and responsibly welcome our K-6 students into this digital age with the launch of our elementary 1:1 learning initiative. Launching this […]

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New Director of Learning Design and Technology

“Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care.” – Pope Francis Jeffrey Botteron recently joined the Lafayette Catholic School System as Director of Learning Design and Technology. As a graduate of Bishop Dwenger High School and the College of Saint Rose, Botteron […]

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For the first time in a few years, our teachers were welcomed back to school with a phenomenal keynote speaker. Ramsey Musallam is an educator at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory Academy in San Fransisco, California. I had the opportunity to listen to him present earlier in the year at an Indiana Summer of eLearning conference. […]


I had the pleasure of giving an Ignite talk at the Yorktown WeLearn conference on June 12th. In Ignite, each speaker gets 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point, fast. I had a blast sharing about our schools here in Lafayette. I […]


Digital Learning Day was March 13, 2015.  We know learning is not about the technology, but about what we empower students to do with the technology. #DLDay is a day to celebrate just that! Teachers at LCSS shared a lot of things going on in their classrooms today and we shared those things out on […]

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If you were to ask me what was the glue that held our 1:1 learning initiative together, I would tell you it is three fold.  The first thing that has held it together would be our amazing educators at Central Catholic.  They have embraced the change and are running with it!  The second piece that has […]

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Faculty members at Central Catholic, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, and St. Mary Cathedral Schools received a technology update.  Every teacher received a MacBook Air and an iPad Mini to utilize in their classrooms.  This technology refresh goes hand in hand with the technology learning initiatives at Central Catholic as well as with the Strategic Plan. […]

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It has been an exciting 6 months for the Technology Department at LCSS.  Between all of the infrastructure updates, providing cloud based productivity tools, and securing our backup and information privacy structure, there have been a lot of moving pieces at LCSS. It’s always nice to reflect on what has been done, it’s always best […]

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LCSS Stakeholders, My name is Joe Willmann and welcome to the LCSS Technology blog.  I started working for the schools in July as the Director of Technology and eLearning Services.  My overarching goal is to create the vision and plan the LCSS will implement to use technology to the fullest. My background is as an […]

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