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CC Coding Club gets a history lesson from the NSA

CC Coding Club gets a history lesson from the NSA

In September, the Central Catholic Coding Club had the great opportunity to meet with two members of the NSA.  One of the members is a former CC alumni!  Eric Bryant and Mark Loepker (CC ’72) came in and presented to the club on the different roles and jobs in the NSA and talked about the importance of Math in computer science.

One of the highlights of their presentation was letting the students see a functioning German Enigma machine!  While I won’t claim to be a major history buff, it was incredible to get to see a functioning machine that encoded messages during WWII for the Germans.  The fact that we broke the code and were able to keep it a secret was really what won the war for us.

The start of the Central Catholic coding club will be at 7:00 AM on Tuesday, October 14th.  We look forward to another great year, and seeing what our students create this year now that they have their laptops with them.  Students will be able to code using XCode and Eclipse, as well as start working with external triggers to learn more about the “Internet of Things.”

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