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A Day in the Life of a Central Catholic 1:1 Student

A Day in the Life of a Central Catholic 1:1 Student

This post is meant to give you, the parent, some insight to the possible daily routines that your student will experience next year at Central Catholic as they have access to technology at all times during the school day. This is not an article saying that all of these things will happen every single day.  It is more an example of the possibilities that will open up for our students and teachers when every student has a laptop.

7:00 A.M. 
The alarm goes off at Johnny’s house.  It’s time to get ready for school.  After getting dressed and having breakfast with his Mom, Johnny grabs his books, jacket and backpack.  Before he leaves, Johnny remembers to unplug his laptop from the charger, slides it into his backpack and heads off to school.

7:45 A.M.
Johnny meets with his ACP History group in the library to finalize material for their presentation 8th hour.  They open up a shared Google Document as well as Google Presentation. The group reviews their notes and discusses the presentation.

8:00 A.M.
The five minute bell goes off, and Johnny packs up his backpack.  Johnny puts his jacket in his locker, but keeps his bag out so he can safely carry his laptop from class to class.

1st Hour – Physics

Mr. Johnson has several activities ready to go for the day.  Johnny logs into his Schoology account to view the agenda for the day and notices he has two assignments due.  He clicks on the “turn in” link and uploads a document and video that he created the week before.

The physics class has been creating their own videos that model Bite – Scized videos on YouTube. Johnny is putting the finishing touches on his video that explains Newton’s Second Law of Motion. Thank goodness he has iMovie to edit his video, so it doesn’t take very long at all!

2nd Hour – Religion

In Mr. Freeman’s class, students are watching a video on the building of Cathedrals.  While students are watching the video, Mr. Freeman has a back channel going on TodaysMeet.  While the video is running, students are posting questions and thoughts about the video.  This allows Mr. Freeman to focus the direction of the class discussion when the video ends.

3rd Hour – Spanish 

Today is a test day.  Johnny spends the first few minutes going over his Study Cards that iBooks automatically generated for him based on the notes he took in class.  The test is two parts.  The first part is a “written” test that students take using the assessment feature in Schoology.  The second part of the exam is a take home speaking test.  Johnny uses QuickTime on his Mac to capture his voice as he speaks the written prompts.  He turns those files into Mr. Gonzalez via Schoology.

4th Hour – Algebra 2

Students enter Mr. O’Shea’s class and see a Socrative window open.  Every student logs on to Socrative.  Mr. O’Shea asks a few questions to see how the students retained their knowledge from the previous day and reviews where necessary.  Students login to ALEKS and complete some learning modules that cover the same material Mr. O’Shea is currently teaching in class.

5th Hour – Lunch

Johnny goes to his locker before lunch.  He drops off his backpack and ensures his locker is locked before heading to the cafeteria.  Johnny will pick up his backpack on his way to 6th hour.

6th Hour – Digital Communications

Johnny heads into Mr. O’Keefe’s class and plugs his computer into an external monitor.  Today they are finishing up a project in InDesign. The class collaborated on the project, using different media created in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Mr. O’Keefe is interacting and engaging with the students to ensure their projects are ready to be submitted.

7th Hour – Language Arts

In Mrs. Shuey’s class, students are diligently working on their first research paper.  They are creating the paper in Google Docs and sharing it with Mrs. Shuey. This way Mrs. Shuey can give them feedback directly on their document without having to save different versions of the paper.  She guides them to the Indiana INSPIRE database, which is a valuable research avenue.

8th Hour – ACP US History

Today is presentation day for Johnny and his group.  Ms. Anthrop is ready to go, so Johnny plugs his laptop into the projector at the front of the classroom and then opens up his presentation slides.  Ms. Anthrop has each group use QuickTime on the presenter’s computer to record the presentation and audio. This allows students to write their reflection as they review their group’s presentation.

At Home 

At home, Johnny finishes up his speaking test for Spanish and a few other assignments that he needed to complete for other classes in Schoology.  Before he heads to bed, Johnny makes sure to plug his computer into the charger.  Now Johnny is ready for another day of school at Central Catholic!

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Central Catholic 1:1 Student

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the comment! Our students will have access to both Evernote and OneNote in their software Kiosk on their computers. As a daily user of Evernote, I hope our students can find value in that program.

  2. Thanks for the comment Annette! Our hope is that with the help of our Student Technology Leadership Team that this will be a quick transition in terms of student comfort level!

  3. Thanks Mr. Willmann! It’s very helpful to read your description of how these tools will be used. I have one question related to note-taking. You mention in “3rd Hour” that students can create Study Cards from iBooks. I believe that implies that the student’s notes are related to an eBook. Have you given thought to tools for note-taking that might not be related to a book? I know there are some great tools out there like Evernote and OneNote. Thanks!

  4. Wow Joe…this sounds impressive! How long will it take our current CC students to be as comfortable with the 1:1 concept as “Johnny” is? Thanks for sharing this…it was informative! -Annette

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