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2016 Blue Knight Auction a Success!

2016 Blue Knight Auction a Success!

Another Blue Knight Auction is in the books. Wow, what a year! The generosity of our community continues to amaze me!!! Thank you!!! I have heard from many of you who were in attendance, and we appreciate your feedback.

CC_BlueKnightAuction_2016-04-30-MR-8There were many changes that went into this year’s auction. Change is not always easy, but it was necessary to move our advancement office from event focused to mission focused. We met almost all of our strategic objectives throughout the auction:

  • Place the focus on the mission of the Lafayette Catholic School System.
  • Decrease the number of events leading up to the auction and define a purpose for each one.
  • Hire a professional benefit auctioneer.
  • Decrease the overall number of auction items and increase value.
  • Streamline event set-up and takedown to minimize the number of volunteer hours required.
  • Increase use of media and technology to tell our story.
  • Increase involvement of elementary school parents and faculty.
  • Keep the audience engaged with the event from beginning to end.  

CC_BlueKnightAuction_2016-04-30-MR-19I cannot say enough wonderful things about the group of leaders who executed the plan to perfection. Thank you Emily Bollock, Christine Siemers, Natalie Stevens, Kim Granlund, Amanda Manley, Theresa Loyd, Kate Hensley, Paul Page, Brian Roark, Doug Granlund, and Jeff Botteron. Over 100 people volunteered their time and talents to make the event happen. The commitment of these volunteers is instrumental to our success and our school community is grateful for your service. This was truly a team effort from beginning to end.


Financially the auction was a complete success! We are still working through expenses, but expect this year’s auction to net over $280,000 for tuition assistance, needs in the classroom, and long-term investments. It was the second best financial return on the Blue Knight Auction in its 23-year history. With a heart full of gratitude, THANK YOU!!!


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