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10 Ways CC Alumni Can Help

10 Ways CC Alumni Can Help

I am often asked, “How can I help?” It is such a humbling experience, because I know the Lafayette Catholic School System would not be what it is today without the commitment of so many who have given back.  As we continue to prepare for “The Comeback”, the first annual alumni weekend starting September 23rd, we wrote 10 Ways Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School Alumni Can Help.  This is not your David Letterman Top 10, but 10 concrete ways you can make a difference. Some of you may do one, some may do 2-3 or some of you may do all 10. Thank you for the humbling experiences and continued support!!!

  1. Pray for continued success and leadership for the students, faculty and staff.
  2. Send your current contact information by emailing lcssadvancement@lcss.org. Include name, new married name, personal email, cell phone, and address.
  3. Attend functions on campus and Alumni Events such as the Golf Outing or The Comeback (Homecoming).Comeback_logo_GOLD
  4. Share your success and life changes to be shared with fellow alumni in our bi-annual Connections Magazine by emailing lcssmarketing@lcss.org (i.e., made the dean’s list, career updates, just married, had a child(ren), etc.).
  5. Share the success and/or servant leadership of a classmate for the monthly alumni feature by emailing lcssmarketing@lcss.org.
  6. Give back monthly or annually to enable a student to attend the Lafayette Catholic School System (Donate Online).
  7. Follow Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  8. Sign-up for the monthly electronic newsletter.
  9. Refer families to the Lafayette Catholic School System.
  10. Put the Lafayette Catholic School System or the endowment foundation in your will.

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