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School to Parent Communication

During the school year, parents can expect communication from several different methods. The regular methods include:

If you are not receiving communication through any of these methods, or if you need to update your address, phone number or email address information, please contact your school secretary.

Daily Announcements
● Daily announcements are sent out each weekday at 4:00PM and includes news and information about each individual school. Information in the Daily Announcements come from the school principal, school associated programs, admissions, advancement or the Executive Director’s office. The daily announcements only go out if there is something new. If nothing was posted that day, no daily announcement email will be sent out.

● Announcements and different events can also be found on each school’s website.

● Schoology is used only at Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School for student assignments, grades, teacher updates, and for contacting teachers directly.

Weekly folders
● At the elementary schools, folders are sent home with the students once a week. The folders include news and upcoming events.

Teacher Communication
● Each teacher communicates differently. Some teachers have blogs or classroom websites. All elementary teachers also have a weekly folder where they send home homework and behavior comments.

● EventLink is used to send out emergency communication (e.g., 2 hour delays or cancellations).
● EventLink also includes a calendar for each of the schools. Parents can sync the school calendar with their personal calendar and have all of the school events imported directly to their personal calendar.

● SignUp is used to organize volunteer efforts for events such as the Feast of the Hunters Moon and the Blue Knight Auction.
● At Central Catholic, Campus Ministry uses SignUp for many of their volunteer activities.

● Direct email is used sparingly to communicate with parents. News and day to day announcements from individual employees are not sent via email. Occasional emails sent will be sent out with information about upcoming admissions deadlines or about LCSS community events such as the Blue Knight Auction. Parents may receive notices in their inbox via Schoology, EventLink, Daily Announcements or other platforms, but direct emails from an individual school employee to an individual parents are sent sparingly.

● LCSS manages 3 facebook pages: a joint St. Mary/St. Boniface page; a St. Lawrence page; and a Central Catholic page. Upcoming events and photos of day to day classroom projects can be found on each facebook page.

● TeamSnap is used by individual athletic teams to communicate practice schedules, team meals, travel plans, important dates and general team specific communication. Not all teams use TeamSnap.

● FACTS is the LCSS tuition and payment system and is managed by the LCSS business office. Summary of tuition bills and financial aid information can be found on FACTS. Communications via FACTS are sent when changes are made to your tuition bill.

St. Boniface Newsletter
St. Boniface sends home a monthly newsletter at the beginning of each month which includes a calendar, lunch menu and other information for that month.

All of the above information and links can be found on the Parent Portal page, which also includes other LCSS and school specific information.

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