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Opportunities to Give

Tuition Assistance

Many families value the academic excellence and spiritual formation the Lafayette Catholic School System provides so much they rearrange their financial priorities to send their children to the Catholic schools. For some families however, the financial stretch is very difficult and thankfully help is available through the Tuition Assistance Program.

Tuition Assistance is available to Catholic families who are registered at a Catholic parish and are a “member in good standing.” A variety of giving options are available for making a gift to Tuition Assistance. Non-designated gifts to the Lafayette Catholic School System are typically directed to the Tuition Assistance Trust. For more information on giving to Tuition Assistance, contact the Advancement Office 765. 474.7500.

LCSS Tuition Assistance Trust – This Trust was created and shall be conducted and operated exclusively for religious, charitable and educational purpose. The Trust is designed as a “need based” source of funds for the tuition required for attendance of Catholic students in any of the Lafayette Catholic Schools.

Helen C. Potter Memorial Tuition Assistance – Helen Potter was a university professor who believed strongly in education and proper formation. Her gift helps St. Boniface parishioners ensure access to a Catholic education.

Mildred Haughn Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund (CFNI) – The purpose of the fund shall be to provide funds to be applied toward payment of tuition required for the attendance of Roman Catholic students in any of the Lafayette Catholic Schools.

St. Lawrence Parish Educational Endowment Fund (CFNI) – The purpose of the Fund is to assist children of St. Lawrence Parish in Lafayette, IN, in acquiring a Catholic education.

Matching Gifts

Did you know that your employer may have some sort of gift matching program? Some major employers offer to match a gift you make to an educational program or school. Ask your Human Resource office for more details on your employer’s programs. Please review your corporation’s matching gift guidelines before applying for a matching gift.

Memorial Contributions

Donations in memory of loved ones can be made to the Lafayette Catholic School System in the name of the deceased. These funds provide support for the education of future generations of young men and women in the Lafayette Catholic School System. When you make a gift to the LCSS Memorial Fund, the family of the deceased will be notified of your donation and you will receive an acknowledgment. If you have any questions regarding memorial gifts please contact the Advancement Office at 795.474.7500.

Lafayette Area Catholic Schools Foundation

The Lafayette Area Catholic Schools Foundation (LACS) was formed in 1976 to establish a means whereby the Lafayette Catholic School System could be assured of a solid source of income. It has worked to guarantee a firm support base which has continued to grow each year. The funds in the Foundation do not lie dormant, but rather, they are constantly returning their gained income to the Foundation and ultimately aiding in the support of our schools.

At least 100% of the LACS yearly income is distributed to the Lafayette Catholic School System to fund their operational budget. The Foundation has worked long and hard to succeed and has demonstrated its responsibility to the future of Catholic education in Lafayette.


A single donation to the Lafayette Area Catholic Schools Foundation enables you to become a member of the Foundation.  If you have ever donated to the Foundation, you are a Foundation member!


The principal of the General Fund remains intact and the interest each year is used to fund the LCSS operational budget on a monthly basis.

The Teacher Salary Endowment was established to help maintain and improve our teachers’ salaries.  The principal of the fund remains intact.  The goal is to compensate the teachers who lovingly contribute to our children’s formation and to decrease the gap between public school teacher salaries and LCSS teacher salaries.

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