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Millie’s Thrift Store Increases Sales by 200%

Millie’s Thrift Store Increases Sales by 200%

Congratulations to Millie’s Thrift Store and all the supporters for the 200% increase in sales in 2020 to date. This success has been reached with the donations of clothing, household items, and furniture AND a completely renovated store.

Additionally, Millie’s has INCREASED HOURS – 10:00 am UNTIL 6:30 PM Mon. – Fri. and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays

Proceeds from Millie’s are donated to the Lafayette Catholic School’s Teachers Fund.

Millie’s follows Covid-19 guidelines with respect to the wearing of masks and limiting the number of customers to allow for social distancing. Thank you for your cooperation.


626 N. Earl Avenue, Lafayette, IN 47905

Phone:  765-607-4907


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