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End of Year Wrap up

End of Year Wrap up

The school year finished last week. It has not been the year any of us were anticipating. We are all missing our friends, our teachers and lots of fun. We are stressed by so many unknowns and unrest. While an unexpected fourth quarter, the teachers, parents, and students all pulled together to finish off the year well, and we have so much to celebrate even amongst the strangeness of our current world. Here are the “Top 10 Things the LCSS Family Can Celebrate”:

  1. That as a school system, we were prepared to tackle moving to eLearning almost immediately. Our children had the technology to take with them when the time was right and because of that, they lost very little learning time.
  2. That more than 90% of our students adapted quickly to eLearning, regularly showing up for online classes, turning in their work, interacting with their teachers and classmates in new ways, and that we were able to provide support to those who had some initial difficulties.
  3. Our incredible teachers and principals, many of whom had never been part of a Zoom meeting, let alone led one on a daily basis.
  4. Our parents and family members, who have stepped into roles they may never have expected to be in, finding ways to assist their students while working and managing other responsibilities.
  5. Our IT staff who went above and beyond to help students get connected, even in very rural areas, fixing broken equipment, explaining new programs, making house calls to troubleshoot wifi issues, and guiding folks who were struggling with the new technology.
  6. Our advancement staff who in a matter of weeks turned the Blue Knight Auction into the Blue Knight Virtual Auction, which was a roaring success and raised more than $130,000 for our schools over a five day period.
  7. Our enrollment team for setting up online applications and continuing to work with new families, on the phone and electronically, who plan to join our Family in the fall.
  8. Our business office, board of directors, trustees and finance committee for working on budgets and ensuring that we will be better able to assist families in need of financial aid next year.
  9. Our new pre-school, the St. Francis Early Learning Academy, will be completed on schedule and ready for students in August.
  10. Our parishes, our pastors, and campus ministry for continuing to host virtual masses and prayer services for us all so we can stay connected to God.

That’s a lot to celebrate, and this list certainly isn’t comprehensive. There’s simply not enough space here to list everything. Nor is there enough space for me to adequately express my thanks to everyone who stepped up, worked out of their comfort zone, and gave their all to help us get to this last day. I’m incredibly grateful and definitely proud of each and every one of you.

I look forward to seeing everyone again in August. To those of you who are leaving us for new places we wish you all the best and you will continue to be in our prayers. Please stay in touch with us.

God Bless,

Eric Davis
Executive Director
Lafayette Catholic School System

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