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Grades 7-12 Application Process

Priority Placement

Application packets for the following school year will be accepted by the LCSS Admissions Director beginning January 1. When space is available after current LCSS students register in April, the following considerations will be taken into account for priority placement for applications received by April 15:

  1. Siblings of current LCSS students and alumni, and children of current LCSS employees.
  2. Children of registered families from the six Tippecanoe County parishes.
  3. Children of registered families in parishes within the Diocese of Lafayette.
  4. Children of registered families in parishes outside the Diocese of Lafayette.
  5. Lafayette Christian School and St. James School students.
  6. All other students are welcome.

Applications received after April 15 will be considered in a first come, first served order.  When space is not available in a grade, a wait list will be started.

For the current school year, Junior High students and students moving to the Lafayette area may be admitted for immediate enrollment to Central Catholic at any time; however, Senior High students transferring to Central Catholic from within the Lafayette area will be accepted for a start date at the beginning of the next semester.

Application Process –

Get Started at Central Catholic in 3 Simple Steps:

STEP 1     Submit a Central Catholic Application Packet to LCSS Admissions Director

A completed application packet will include:

□    Central Catholic Application form

□    $100 Non-refundable application fee (payable to the LCSS, and is credited toward tuition)

□    Request for Release of Student Records Form

□    Parish Verification & Assistance Form

Completed application packets can be emailed to the Admissions Office schrader@lcss.org, dropped off at the Central Catholic school office or mailed.  Packets are considered to be “received” upon receipt of the application fee.

STEP 2     Possible Placement Test or Measure of Evaluation

When there is no State of Indiana testing data or current progress data for the applicant from the sending school, a Placement Test will be administered to grades 9-12 applicants. For grades 7-8 applicants, another measure of achievement will be administered.

3.     Interview with the Admissions Committee

A meeting will be scheduled for the student and their parents to meet with the Admissions Committee. After the meeting, the Principal, based on recommendations of the Admissions Committee, will make the final determination of acceptance to Central Catholic.  All new students will be admitted conditionally for one semester.  Students may be accepted on probation and will be asked to sign a contract with specific terms identified.  Approval is subject to change pending receipt of the student’s final records from the previous school.

Questions may be directed to the Admissions Office at 765.474.7500 or schrader@lcss.org.