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We need your help!

We need your help!
To ensure school choice remains an option for our families and community, our state representatives and senators need to hear from you!
Click here to get contact information for our state senators and representatives. Here are a few items that may help keep your legislators, friends and neighbors better informed about the issue:
Historical savings for the state:  Nearly 100,000 other students attend a non-public school and do NOT receive a scholarship from the state.  This savings is historical but should not be discounted.  It equates to about $650,000 Million per year for the state, and School Choice helps preserve and protect this historical savings by ensuring there are robust educational choices in our state available for all income levels.
Public Schools improve when School Choice is enacted:  Parents are the primary educators. When parents have more choice in finding the school that best fits their child’s needs, they also have more influence.  This equates to more competition, and improved performance by public schools. While competition may make those of us in education uncomfortable, it is a powerful tool in ensuring we are using resources to their maximum potential.  Studies from the Friedman foundation also confirm this.
School Choice is good for families and good for students:  It should seem clear that having a choice is better than not having one.  Families and students that are forced to attend schools that are either not meeting their educational needs or are not aligned with their family’s values is an injustice. Families that are able to choose their child’s school are more engaged and more participatory in the educational process.
Deregulation of schools is NOT possible without School Choice: Nearly every administrator, teacher or parent you talk to these days agrees that there is too much time spent on testing and administration, robbing valuable time from the classroom.  However, when there is only a single provider of any service there is a much higher likelihood of waste, inefficiency and poor quality.  When families have a choice, they become the regulators – and this method of regulation is far more effective and far less costly to administer.
School Choice is good for the economy: When employers locate to a community they look closely at the educational opportunities within a community.  Strong public and private school options are essential to support a diverse and thriving community.  
School Choice Schools are more accountable than Public Schools: In addition to accreditation requirements that private schools share with public schools, School Choice schools cannot get two failing grades in a row before all funding is suspended.  Public schools are allowed six failing grades before state intervention is mandated.

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