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Thank You, Teachers!

Thank You, Teachers!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! You know our LCSS teachers work hard to ensure that their students receive an excellent education. This spring has shown us the lengths they are willing to go to do just that. During only three days of training, they put on their thinking caps, took on nearly two dozen “intern” teachers, (otherwise known as parents/guardians) and came up with new, innovative ways to present their lessons from outside the classroom.

Just like all of us, they are missing their co-workers and regular activities, but most of all, they miss their students. There’s no better time than now to show our teachers some love and appreciation – pat yourself on the back, too for the homeschool teaching you’ve been doing with their guidance. Our prayers are with them, and you, today as we power through this difficult time with an eye on what good God will bring from this storm.

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