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Mr. Cornelius with Another Exciting Interview!

Mr. Cornelius with Another Exciting Interview!

Class with Mr. Cornelius has never been dull. Now, he is channeling his creativity and using technology to conduct virtual interviews with historical figures, or if they are not available, their relatives, so students can learn first-hand about their role in history. Thus far, his CC students have “met’ with politicians, athletes and celebrities including actor, John Stamos and Joe Levy, an editor of Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine. Last week, Mr. Cornelius’ class had an extraordinary opportunity to learn about Harriet Tubman from her great-nephew, Dr. A.J. Brickler. It’s not a lesson they’ll soon forget. 

You can read more about how Mr. Cornelius’ has taken advantage of the unexpected move to E-learning this spring to keep his lessons fresh with virtual public figure interviews here.

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