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Straight A’s for the Lafayette Catholic School System

Straight A’s for the Lafayette Catholic School System

Congratulations goes out to all teachers, students and staff at: St. Boniface Elementary; St. Lawrence Elementary; St. Mary Cathedral Elementary; and Central Catholic Jr./Sr. High. The Indiana Department of Education issued its grades today for K-12 schools, and all four Lafayette Catholic schools received an A.

“The Lafayette Catholic School System focuses on the education of the whole child, and this recognition is one of many measures that reflect a very important component of our Mission, and helps affirm that we promote a culture that is ‘Distinguished by Academic Excellence,'” said Eric Davis, Executive Director of the Lafayette Catholic School System. Davis added, “This recognition reflects the dedication of our teachers and the hard work of our students.”

The combined math and language arts scores of the system scored in the top 4 school systems in Indiana for K-8, and in the top 3% for combined scores for High Schools. “We continue to promote virtues along with our Core Gospel Values through our students, parents, and teachers. It is great to see that the promotion of virtues such as Respect, Patience, Perseverance, and Diligence also translate into strong academic performance,” said Sr. Lenore Schwartz, Principal of St. Boniface Elementary School. “While these test scores make us feel good, it is these eternal virtues that will help carry these students through life and work.”

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