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Mission Statement: Student Success

Mission Statement: Student Success

The Lafayette Catholic School System, centered on Jesus Christ, educates the whole person in a culture that is:

•  sustained by Gospel witness and service;
•  imbued with a Catholic worldview;
•  supported by a community of faith;
•  distinguished by academic excellence; and
•  committed to student success.

This is the sixth and last installment of a series of articles which explores the LCSS Mission. This installment discusses “Student Success.” (Please click on the links in the mission, above, to view the previous installments.)


Entrust your works to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3, New American Bible)IMG_0231

The Lafayette Catholic School System’s Mission states that we are “centered on Jesus Christ” and educate the “whole person in a culture that is . . . committed to student success.” It is through this mission that LCSS works to assist each student in discovering his/her unique and individual gifts. It is our aim to help students find the intersection between their gifts, their passion, and the needs of the world to discover what God is calling them to be – To prepare them for Life: Spiritually, Physically, Socially/Emotionally, and Intellectually.

Of course, life prep isn’t a single event, and it cannot be defined by one test, one grade, one class, or one season. Life prep is the entirety of the preK-12 journey. It’s marked by both success and struggle and by periods of doubt and moments of hope. This journey will not always be comfortable. Our students will face challenges. Sometimes they might even face failure, but this failure will not define them. Rather, it will grow them. They will learn to persevere. They will learn to apply their faith. They will build the confidence necessary to become the best version of themselves and they will be able to do this because of the support you offer.

View More: http://martalewisphotography.pass.us/csw-asmWith your full participation and partnership, our students will come to realize their fullest potential. They will feel the love, high expectations, and support they need to be successful. In particular, our students will see their parents as their first and primary educators. They will feel and bear witness to their mother and father’s commitment to their development and growth in every aspect of their life: spiritual, physical, social/emotional, and intellectual. The partnerships between the school, parents, religious, and extended community, forged with a commitment to student success, will challenge our students to develop more than just isolated skills; rather, our students will develop their whole person.

To prepare our students for a successful life, we teach and promote our nine Core Gospel Values: Community; Servant Leadership; Respect; Gratitude; Humility and Understanding; Wellness; Patience and Perseverance; Diligence; and Integrity. We seek guidance and inspiration through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and look to Him for example and support.

To prepare our students for success in college and career, we practice the seven 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence; Agility and Adaptability; Initiative and Entrepreneurship; Effective Oral and Written Communication; Accessing and Analyzing Information; and Curiosity and Imagination.

DSC_0433-EditOur nine Core Gospel Values and seven 21st Century Skills are practiced and reinforced through a rigorous, standards-based preK-12 academic curriculum. These values and skills are also integrated into our athletic teams and our extra and co-curricular programs. We hope that the true measure of our efforts is demonstrated through the great works and acts of our students, graduates, teachers and staff.


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