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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward

It is great to have the students back in school. The summer is essential to our students and families to unwind and enjoy the time together. It is also important for us to review the past year and plan for the next. Here are a few highlights from last year:


School Ratings Among Highest in Area: All of our schools continue to improve their ratings with both the state and private rating agencies like Greatschools.org. The Indiana Department of Education has rated all of our schools an “A” school, and three of our schools received the distinction of a “4 STAR” school. Our schools are also some of the highest rated on Greatschools.org and Central Catholic is the highest rated high school in the area. I believe this is reflective of the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff and administrators, but it is mostly reflective of the hard work of our parents and students. We know that these ratings only tell part of the story, but it is good news worth sharing.

DSC_0050Central Catholic Macbook Launch: By all accounts this past year was very successful in launching our technology initiative at Central Catholic. We also learned much and made appropriate “course corrections” where necessary. We are now seen in the area as a leader in both technology and instruction, and we receive regular visits from educators in the area and around the state. We look forward to making continuous improvement to our classrooms throughout LCSS.

DSCN3946 (1)iPad Pilot at Elementary Schools: This past year LCSS conducted a pilot project with iPads at each of the elementary schools. LCSS purchased 60 iPads and had enough for at least one classroom for each school. They were in such high demand by our teachers that some schools purchased a few more during the year.  Teachers and students reported that they were great tools for supplementing the learning environment in their classrooms and especially helped the teachers differentiate instruction in Math. This pilot was a great success, and our teachers are anxious to expand the program.

Demand is Strong: Enrollment continues to grow at a steady pace. This is a good sign for the demand for our schools. Our schools are still far from their peak enrollment in the ‘60s, but we are steadily and effectively growing. We started this school year with over 960 students. That is our highest enrollment in over three decades. We understand that this also comes with great responsibility and also a need for planning of our facilities and programs.

noid1y020121noid1y01183New Leadership at Central Catholic: This past year Mr. Neil Wagner stepped into some big shoes with the departure of Dr. Brettnacher as Principal of Central Catholic. Mr. Wagner stepped up and did an outstanding job, and we didn’t miss a beat. Mr. Wagner was, of course, joined by Mrs. Melissa Robertson. These two leaders compliment each other perfectly, and we are fortunate to have them both. We look forward to many more years of high performance and growth.

20150819_140322Outdoor Athletic Facilities: Thanks to the support of our Central Catholic supporters and local community, we raised over $1,900,000 for our Athletic fields. We were able to add two Soccer practice fields, a concession stand and restrooms, a new entrance, and an all-weather track. It was an inspiring moment when we held our first track meet in over 25 years. Our students were very excited and grateful.



VISION 2030: We have a big year planned. We have been working for over a year on developing a long-term vision for our facilities and business operations. We will be concluding that work this fall and releasing it as VISION 2030. This effort is the culmination of months of work, man-years of effort, numerous surveys, and lots and lots of prayer. We hope you will like it.


AdvanceED Accreditation: This is the year for us to go through both internal and external reviews as part of our school accreditation. Your input late last year will be used as part of this process. It is a very comprehensive look at our schools’ strengths and opportunities for improvement. It is a rigorous process, and we are all learning much. We appreciate all your input and support.

Advancement Office\Spirit Annual Fund: Over the past few years we have been making several new changes to our development office based upon feedback from experts and best practices. Two changes you will notice this year are significant — and you will be learning more. The first is that our Development Office is now the “Advancement Office.” This change reflects the true nature of this office in that it is not just the fundraising arm of LCSS. It is much more and needs to be integrated with our entire mission. The office is responsible for helping advancethe entire mission of LCSS through events, outreach, information, and building long-term relationships with our students, parents, alumni and supporters. The other change has been in the works for several years, and that is changing the way we do One-in-the-Spirit. You will certainly be learning more soon, but the Advancement office will be relaunching One-in-the-Spirit as the “The Spirit Fund.” This will require the entire office to change the way it works, but this was a change that has been recommended to us for a number of years. We didn’t come to this lightly, and we had input from many of our stakeholders who started the first One-in-the-Spirit. We are looking forward to serving our entire community better with this approach.

There are many other positive things occurring – too many to name. We appreciate your prayers and support. Thank you!!!

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