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LCSS Mission Revisited

LCSS Mission Revisited


The Lafayette Catholic School System updated its Mission following a nearly year-long review and evaluation. In subsequent articles, we will further explain each detail of the updated Mission. The LCSS Mission now reads as follows:


The Lafayette Catholic School System, centered on Jesus Christ, educates the whole person in a culture that is:

The Lafayette Catholic School System is accredited as part of the Diocese of Lafayette by AdvancED. The accreditation process is rigorous, and as part of our accreditation, it is recommended that our Mission statement be reviewed regularly. This past year, the Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.08.12 AMLCSS Mission Committee took a close look at our Mission and determined that we would benefit from going through a formal process of reevaluating it. Over the course of nearly a year, we utilized a thorough process that included the following:

  • Mission Committee: The LCSS Mission Committee included: Fr. Tim Alkire, Fr. Patrick Baikauskas, O.P., Mr. Eric Davis, Mrs. Jodi Justak, Fr. Jeff Martin, Sr. Lenore Schwartz, Fr. Eric Underwood, Mr. Neil Wagner, and Mrs. Jody Williams.
  • Source Materials: The committee reviewed and utilized many source materials, including the following:
  • Stakeholder Surveys: We utilized several surveys of parents, teachers, parish priests, and other community members.
  • Writing Process: The writing process included many iterations, discernment, and continuous review of the source materials.
  • Review and Approval: Upon recommendation by the Mission Committee, the updated Mission was reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, and Bishop Timothy Doherty.

The Vision of LCSS still remains: He Shepherds, We Shape, They Shine. We will continue to develop educational materials and articles that help explain the full meaning of the Mission to our students and community. The updated Mission will be posted in all our schools and classrooms. Our students will learn about the Mission in their curriculum.

The first article further explaining Gospel Witness can be found here: Gospel Witness

Most importantly the Mission will guide the actions of LCSS and provide a path and reference for our goal-setting and decision-making. In coming months, we will also evaluate our Core Values as part of our Mission. In combination, these will become part of our educational, hiring, and admissions processes.

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