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Discovering the Catholic School Difference

Discovering the Catholic School Difference

It’s that time of year again, to start looking at next year, to re-enroll our children for the 2016-2017 school year, AND to spread the word to new families to consider the “Catholic School Difference.” Every year, LCSS loses about 13% to 18% of our student population to graduation, relocation (family moves out of the area), or a local transfer to another local school. This means that every year we welcome between 120 and 170 new students between PreK and 12th grade. Of these 120 to 170 new students, 50% already have a sibling in our schools, which means we must attract 60 to 85 new students or families each year. This pattern is nothing new. These percentages have been consistent for decades.

We have a great team in our Admissions Department, including Angie Schrader, Director of Admissions and Enrollment. But we also know that our school families are our greatest asset in spreading the good news about Catholic education in Greater Lafayette. Please take opportunities within your parish, workplace, social networks, and neighborhood to share your experiences and passion for our schools. Feel free to forward our VIDEO:

– and remind people that now is the time to attend an open house (this Sunday from 12 – 2 p.m. at all three elementary schools), schedule a “shadow” day, or inquire about enrollment for next school year.

Personal witness is the most powerful tool in convincing someone of the value of Catholic education and of the profound importance of this decision. However, I also know that you might need some hard facts, so here is a “Top 10” you can use:

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  1. Faith: 100% of students take religion every semester, attend Mass every week, and learn the value of faith, service, and self-discipline.
  2. Safe Environment: Faculty, staff, parents, and students work very hard to create a safe, nurturing, disciplined environment for students to flourish.
  3. Affordability: LCSS has increased student aid by nearly $1 Million dollars annually, making LCSS one of the best Catholic school Values in the state. LCSS works very hard for EVERY family willing to make an investment in Catholic education for their children.
  4. Highest Rated Schools: Central Catholic is THE highest rated local high school on Greatschools.com, and our Elementary schools are among the Highest rated.DSC_2440
  5. Service Mindset: Students perform over 13,000 hours of community service annually.
  6. Graduation Rates: Central Catholic graduation rates remain almost perfect – 100%, year after year.
  7. High Student Performance: College attendance exceeds 93% among graduates, and 90% continue past their freshman year of college – one of best results in the state. LCSS grades 3-8 score in the Top 3% on standardized tests in Indiana. LCSS students compete extremely well in athletic, academic, and fine arts competitions.
  8. Community Involvement: Recent alumni consistently report high levels of engagement in Church and service activities.
  9. Technology: LCSS student and faculty technology and instructional support seen as a model among peers.View More: http://martalewisphotography.pass.us/st-lawrence
  10. Investing in Future: LCSS recently completed a $1.9 Million dollar renovation to the outdoor athletic fields at Central Catholic, and recently launched VISION 2030 – a 15-year plan to invest up to $22 Million dollars in updates and renovations to our physical infrastructure and school campuses. Additionally, LCSS has increased its investment in: teacher pay and recruitment; student and faculty technology; learning materials and design; and support staff by almost $1 Million dollars per year.

We thank you for your continued commitment to Catholic education – for your children, grandchildren, our Catholic church and our community.

Our Mission:

The Lafayette Catholic School System, centered on Jesus Christ, educates the whole person in a culture that is:

     • sustained by Gospel witness and service;
     • imbued with a Catholic worldview;
     • supported by a community of faith;
     • distinguished by academic excellence; and
     • committed to student success.

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