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Additional Information on Tuition

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No family should hesitate to apply to the Lafayette Catholic Schools because of an inability to pay the full cost of a LCSS education. We vow to work with families in need of tuition assistance.
Most families will qualify for an Indiana Choice Scholarship or other funding support. Over 76% of LCSS families receive tuition assistance.
We are committed to enrolling students from diverse academic, geographic, economic, ethnic, racial, religious, and social backgrounds. 
We offer multiple tiers of tuition.
K-12 Tuition for Parishioners with Indiana Choice
The approximate tuition rates for grades K-12 for families who are not active, registered members of one of our Catholic churches. International students are not eligible for Indiana Choice Scholarships.
Non-Parishioners Average Tutition
Indiana Choice Scholarship Program
IN School Choice

Lafayette Catholic School System is a participating school in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program (more commonly known as school vouchers). Through this program, families who meet certain guidelines might be eligible for a Choice Scholarship.


We believe that our participation in this program is consistent with our belief that “All persons have an inalienable right to a quality education ‘in virtue of their dignity as human persons’ and that all have a right to an education that harmoniously develops their physical, moral, spiritual and intellectual qualities.”


To be eligible for participation in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, the student must have legal settlement in Indiana, must be accepted for enrollment at a school participating in the Indiana School Choice Scholarship Program, must meet income eligibility guidelines based on a family’s 2023 federal tax return, must be between 5 and 22 years old, and must satisfy one qualifying pathway.


Financial Need

If you are still in need of tuition assistance, we can work with you to provide that assistance. Please contact Barb Schummer at 765-607-4898.

For additional information about Choice Scholarships and/or SGO Scholarships, you can visit the Indiana Department of Education School Choice website.

More information about pathways to Indiana Choice Scholarships can be found HERE.

LCSS/FACTS Tuition AssistanceFACTS

Once you’ve applied to Lafayette Catholic Schools for admission, you may apply for scholarships and tuition assistance online via FACTS Grant and Aid. FACTS is an independent, third party company that conducts financial analysis to help our schools manage our scholarship and tuition assistance resources.

Award decisions are made by Lafayette Catholic School based on the FACTS recommendation and funds available.