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Substitute Teaching at the Elementary Schools and CC

Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching at the Lafayette Catholic School System! We're happy you're here! 
There are two preliminary steps that you'll need to complete in order to substitute teach.
1. Apply for a substitute teaching license (unless you are a certified teacher holding a current license.) To apply for a license, go to the website LVIS (License Verification Information System) https://license.doe.in.gov/
The process for a substitute teacher is similar to applying for other types of licensure. You will access LVIS, create a profile, and select the substitute license option from the pull-down menu on the Add Application page. Complete the process and pay for the application.
Choose one of the following schools as your school:
● St. Lawrence School
● St. Mary Cathedral School
● St. Boniface School
● Lafayette Central Catholic HS
The cost is $15, plus a small processing fee. Once your substitute license is issued, it is good for any school in the state of Indiana.
2. Employees of Lafayette Catholic Schools must also complete Safe & Sacred training prior to beginning work in the school. You must also complete an expanded criminal history check which will be completed in the Safe & Sacred portal.
Create an account for Safe & Sacred training found here.
Choose one of the following schools as your choice:
● Lafayette-St. Lawrence School
● Lafayette-St. Mary Cathedral School
● Lafayette-St. Boniface School
● Lafayette-Central Catholic Jr. Sr. High School
Mark “employee” as your field of interest.
You will complete one course: Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse. (Note: Within 60 days of hire, you must complete and submit a DCSportal expanded child protection index for any state in which the employee has resided.) Please contact the following person at your chosen school once you have completed these steps, and we'll proceed from there!
Pam Myers St. Lawrence (765) 742-4450
Katie Christopher St. Mary (765) 742-6302
Marybeth Fabian St. Boniface (765) 742-7913
Daryl Beck CC (765) 474-2496