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Types of Student Aid


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Our student aid program, similar to those used by many private schools, colleges, and universities, works directly with families for a tuition that is right for your financial situation.

Many factors are considered when determining the tuition amount a family is able to pay, including income, assets, debts, parish tithing, unusual expenses, and family size. No family pays the full cost to educate a student each year thanks to the generosity of supporters, event fundraisers, our parishes, grants, scholarships, and endowments. 

How to Apply: All families (current or new) should apply for tuition assistance. The amount a family will pay is assessed directly through FACTS, an independent third-party agency.

FACTS Grants & Aid has a $35 non-refundable processing fee and explores a family’s entire economic situation.

When to Apply: For new families, we recommend you start the FACTS Grant and Aid application as soon as you complete your Enrollment Application. Current families should apply each Spring. 


Who is Eligible: Students who are Indiana residents, at least 5 by October 1st, and a member of a household that meets financial eligibility. As an example: a household of four whose annual household income is less than $230,880 will receive aid.
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: Your home school district determines your Choice Scholarship Award amount for scholarship award amounts. See the chart HERE to explore your amount for 2024-2025.
Who is EligibleAll registered and active parishioners of Church of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Ann, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Mary Cathedral with a child in grade 9-12 and other child(ren) in LCSS K-12.
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: Please view the schedules for Parish Tuition Assistance HERE.
Who is Eligible: Families who demonstrate a financial necessity for tuition assistance. 
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded:This is determined when you complete your FACTS application.
Who is Eligible: Active, registered members of a Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana parish.
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: This is determined by your FACTS application.
The LCSS Scholarship Tuition Grant is an option for families who choose not to go through the FACTS Grants & Aid process. Through the generosity of individuals and growth of our endowment funds, resources are available for tuition grants. There are three sections of information required to apply: Household Information, Federal Adjusted Gross Income, and Charitable Contributions. When determining who may qualify, the Student Aid office uses a sliding scale based upon the pool of applicants and total amount of aid available that year. 
Who is Eligible: All LCSS families may apply for these income-based scholarships.
How to Apply: Applications are made through the Tuition Credit Grant Program Application HERE
When to Apply: New families may apply once they've applied to LCSS. Current families can apply beginning in January. Applications close in Mid-March. 
How Much Will be Awarded: The amount will vary and be based on a graduated scale based on your family's income.
Who is Eligible: All LCSS families who have a circumstance that may require additional Student Aid.
How to Apply: Applications are made through this FORM. Please submit to Barb Schummer, Student Aid Coordinator.
When to Apply: If financial hardship may occur (loss of job, loss of a spouse, etc.), please reach out.
How Much Will be Awarded: The amount will vary and be based on circumstance.