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FAQ on Student Aid and Tuition

Student aid is a need-based tuition assistance program similar to those used by many private schools, colleges and universities. This program allows families to apply for reduced tuition that is right for their families’ financial situation. The goal of student aid is to make Catholic education affordable to qualified students who could not otherwise benefit from the school’s services.

Any family (current or new) may apply for tuition assistance. Many factors are considered when determining the tuition amount a family is able to pay, including income, assets, debts, parish tithing, unusual expenses, and family size. No family pays the full cost to educate a student each year thanks to the generosity of supporters, event fundraisers, our parishes, grants, scholarships and endowments. 

New families may apply for student aid when the enrollment application is completed. Admissions decisions are made independently of application for student aid and indicating a need for tuition assistance does not affect student’s admission into the program. 

The amount of tuition a family will pay is based on their unique financial situation, which is assessed using an online application. Applications are submitted directly to FACTS, an independent third-party agency. FACTS evaluates the application based on their own matrix and makes a recommendation to the Student Aid office. Families are notified of the tuition assistance which they qualify as soon as the review is completed, typically 3-4 weeks.

Unfortunately, the school is not able to provide tuition assistance to every student. We work within our available resources to make the schools accessible to as many students and families as possible.  If you do not qualify in the above pathways, but tuition would be a financial strain on your family, please call 765-474-7500. No family will be turned away for an inability to pay.

We strongly encourage every family to submit a student aid application. However, families who feel that they do not need or want assistance with managing tuition are not required to apply.


Yes. For new students, application to LCSS and application for student aid are two separate processes. However, new families may complete both application processes simultaneously once a student visit has been scheduled.

A wide range of families with a variety of circumstances qualify for the program. Many factors are evaluated, including income, assets, debts, parish tithing, unusual expenses, and family size.

Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Our commitment to providing tuition assistance reflects our philosophy that a strong parent and school partnership is essential for student success. Our supporting parishes and schools are committed to sharing this financial investment with parents. Through Church tithing, fundraising, special events and endowment income we are committed to providing support.

Children of divorced or separated parents are part of the household that has custody. Where joint custody has been awarded, the household in which the student resides more than 51% of the time is the parent who should complete the FACTS application

The last day during a school year for us to complete an application for a new Choice Scholarship is January 15.

If you need assistance with uploading or you are unable to scan your documents, please contact Barb Schummer at 765.607.4898 or [email protected] for assistance. 

Yes. Complete and submit the online application by March 12. Estimate your Adjusted Gross Income. All supporting documents are due no later than April 19, 2023. Applications cannot be processed until all supporting documents are received.

There is a section on the application for you to write to us about your unique circumstances that is affecting your financial situation. You may also use this form and submit it confidentially to Barb Schummer. 

You will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Previous year’s Federal Form 1040 Tax Return and supporting schedules
  • Previous year’s W2 forms
  • Previous year’s Schedule 1
  • Previous year’s Schedule E


Additional documentation may be required for individual situations, including Non-Taxable income such as:

  • Wages, salaries, and tips
  • Strike benefits
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Workman’s compensation
  • Net income from self-owned business or farm
  • Public assistance payments
  • Welfare payments
  • Alimony payments
  • Child support payments
  • Pensions
  • Retirement income
  • Social Security
  • Veteran payments
  • Supplemental Social Security income
  • Earnings from a second job
  • Disability benefits
  • Interest or dividends
  • Cash withdrawn from savings
  • Income from estates, trust or investments
  • Regular contributions from person not living in the household
  • Royalties, annuities or rental income
  • Any other monies that may be available to pay for the child’s meals

Exceptions may apply. If you have questions about documentation, please contact Barb Schummer at 765.607.4898 or by email at [email protected].