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Our Central Catholic Retreats provide an experience of faith that builds from 7th grade to Senior year! Each includes Mass and Reconciliation, time for personal prayer, community building and growth as a whole person. We include staff members as chaperones to utilize our various gifts and talents and empower our seniors and juniors to lead the students through each retreat.

7th Grade Retreat: How to Be a Knight! 

This retreat is focused on integrating our new 7th graders into the life of a CC Knight! What we do in the Chapel, how to get from class to class on time, songs we love to sing at Mass, which cafeteria lunch is the best? Our senior teen leaders guide our new students through it all! We end with a welcoming ceremony with the entire school.


8th Grade Retreat: God’s Love & Forgiveness in Reconciliation

Ever wonder what a priest really thinks of your sin? Or how to even word those really embarrassing ones? Or what to do if you forget the words? This retreat is for you! Knowing how important a clean soul is, this retreat explores the beauty of the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that our students feel comfortable and excited about the gift of forgiveness.

Freshmen Retreat: Slow Motion Mass

Sit, stand, kneel, “and with your spirit.” Why do we do what we do? This retreat breaks down the beautiful Sacrament of the Mass and delves deep into her history, meaning and experience! By understanding our rich traditions, we can treat each Mass like its our first, our last, or our only Mass!

Sophomore Retreat: Service & Mercy

We grow in faith by being open to grace (Reconciliation – 8th Grade Retreat) and getting nourished by the Bread of Life (Mass – Freshmen Retreat) and then we are told to “go now to love and serve the Lord.” Service and spreading the faith is what God calls us to each day! On this retreat we visit a nursing home and do work for the needy in our community!


Junior Retreat: SEARCH

This weekend retreat is put on by the seniors who went through SEARCH the previous year. Based on Christ Renews His Parish, the focus at SEARCH is peer-based encouragement on the journey of faith. SEARCH is a highlight in the CC experience and a pivotal moment for many of our students.


Senior Retreat: Walking the Road to Emmaus

Senior Retreat

Meditating on the Road to Emmaus, our senior retreat is a walking retreat from Purdue’s Newman Center at St. Tom’s through downtown and to the diocesan Cathedral of St. Mary’s. With talks along the way and time for personal reflection, this retreat prepares our seniors for the faith journey ahead as they get closer to graduation