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Affordability Pathways


We Are Here to Help: With Indiana School Choice, grants, parish credits, tuition assistance, the options for funding a Catholic school education can be confusing and overwhelming. Our Student Aid Office is here to help! Our student aid program, similar to those used by many private schools, colleges and universities, works directly with families for a tuition that is right for your financial situation.

Many factors are considered when determining the tuition amount a family is able to pay, including income, assets, debts, parish, tithing, unusual expenses, and family size. No family pays the full cost to educate a student each year thanks to the generosity of supporters, event fundraisers, our parishes, grants, scholarships and endowments. 

How to Apply: Any family (current or new) should apply for tuition assistance. The amount a family will pay is assessed using one of two online applications. Both applications are submitted directly through FACTS, an independent third-party agency.

Our most popular and comprehensive assistance process is FACTS Grants & Aid. FACTS Grants & Aid has a $35 non-refundable processing fee and explores a family’s entire economic situation.

The LCSS Scholarship Tuition Grant is an option for families who choose not to go through the FACTS Grants & Aid process. Through the generosity of individuals and growth of our endowment funds, resources are available for tuition grants. There are three sections of information required to apply: Household Information, Federal Adjusted Gross Income, and Charitable Contributions. When determining who may qualify, the Student Aid office uses a sliding scale based upon the pool of applicants and total amount of aid available that year. 

When to Apply: For new families, we recommend you start the FACTS Grant and Aid application as soon as you complete your Enrollment Application. Current families should apply in the Spring. The deadline is March 12, 2023. 


Who is Eligible: Hoosiers who meet the income requirements and satisfy one pathway. More information on this program is available HERE. 
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: Your home school district determines your Choice Scholarship Award amount for scholarship award amounts please visit the IDOE website.
Who is Eligible: Families who meet the income guidelines for a Choice Scholarship, but who do not have a pathway to a scholarship. Receiving an SGO Grant will open a pathway for the next school year.
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: The minimum award is $500 if you need to open a pathway. Your award could be higher if your financial need is higher. This is determined when you complete your FACTS application.
Kindergarten students may be awarded an SGO grant in their Kindergarten year, and then be eligible for the Indiana Choice Scholarship in their first grade year as long as the family income still meets the guidelines. 
Who is EligibleAll registered and active parishioners of Church of the Blessed Sacrament, St. Ann, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Mary Cathedral with a child in grade 9-12 and other child(ren) in LCSS K-12.
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: Please view the schedules for Parish Tuition Assistance HERE.
Who is Eligible: Active, registered members of a Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana parish.
How Much Funding Will Be Awarded: An LCSS Tuition Assistance Fund Award is based on Family Need as determined by FACTS application.
Who is Eligible: All LCSS families may apply for these income-based scholarships.
How to Apply: Applications are made through the Tuition Credit Grant Program Application HERE
When to Apply: New families may apply once they've applied to LCSS. Current families should apply between January 1, 2023 and March 13, 2023.
How Much Will be Awarded: The amount will vary and be based on a graduated scale based on your family's income.