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Why have a campaign?

Campaigns set fundraising priorities and build pride in our system as our School community comes together to build a better, stronger Lafayette Catholic School System. A high-quality Catholic education is more important than ever in today's morally complex world. LCSS is committed to growing and remaining competitive in order to ensure that we can continue to offer outstanding, Christ-centered education for another 160 years. 

Why Vision 2030?

The theme originated following the culmination of two planning retreats between June 2014 - January 2015 with the six local parishes, LCSS Trustees, LCSS Board of Directors, LCSS Administration and Principals. The community has always valued Catholic education and the mission to prepare students for life. Vision 2030 came to represent a 15-year enrollment growth plan to provide the opportunity for more students to close the achievement gap for low-income and minority students, achieve academic excellence through high expectations, prepare students for college, and develop opportunities for students to be more civically engaged, more committed to service and more likely to practice their faith as adults. For the LCSS community, the theme is our commitment to prepare young people for life by providing academic excellence woven within the Gospel message. As Catholics we are called to be servant leaders to our communities and world. 

What are the campaign's priorities? 

1. Room to Grow
From 2005 to 2014 enrollment in K-12 grew from 837 to 950 students. Across the school system, schools are operating at or near maximum system capacity. Our elementary schools regularly turn families away for preprogramming because of space constraints. 
2. Program Expansion
Prospective students and parents expect that we will provide not only a great education but great facilities as well. Facility upgrades - especially those that allow for additional programming - make a difference. In addition, expanding our preschool programs creates a feeder system for our schools and improves the health of the whole community .
3. Facility Improvements
We recognize the world is much different than it was 160 years ago when our schools were first founded and our current facilities were constructed. To keep pace with what parents expect and students need to excel in today's society, we must modernize our classrooms. 
4. Sustainable Funding
Our endowment provides a stable, long-term source of funding for ongoing programs, operating, and capital needs. We need to grow this important resource.