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Events & Trips

Our year is filled with service, community events and trips! You can always catch announcements on the Campus Ministry page of Schoology. But here are some of our regular excursions that we take each year:


March for Life – January

We take two busses to Washington DC to march for all life every other year. This isn’t a pleasure cruise.. It’s a pilgrimage and we offer up our trip for all those who never got the chance to sit on a bus for 12 hours or sleep on a gym floor. With that kind of life-prayer, bonds are made, lives are changed and our faith grows exponentially. This is a beautiful trip of love and open to all high school students.


One Bread, One Cup – June

Five students are discerned and selected to attend this liturgical conference at St. Meinraid Monastery in southern Indiana. We join teens from all over the country to learn how to use our gifts in the Mass. From musicians, to lectors, to servers, to liturgical art; OBOC is a life-changing experience when it comes to participating in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Participants are expected to bring what they learn back to CC to grow our Liturgy.


Mission Trip to Glenmary Farms – July

Juniors have the opportunity to travel to rural Appalachia to serve those in need just a few States away. Students are taken out of our small-school, small-town bubble and given a view of a very different life. In becoming the hands and feet of Jesus, we fall more in love with Him and His people. Truly a life-changing experience!