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Support School Choice!

Here in Indiana this year we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Choice Scholarship Program and the 250,000 students whose lives have been impacted by giving families the privilege of choosing the educational system that best fits their child's needs.


This celebration is timely as legislation is being developed that we're hoping will expand the program. If passed in its current form, it will allow more families to have access to quality education - despite their zip code - streamline the program to provide greater funding for current families, and expand the eligibility requirements so that more families will be able to choose the school that best fits their needs.


For Instance: the House Bill 1005 would do away with the income tiers 

and raise the income eligibility, giving all families of four earning up to $109,000 a 90% voucher in 2021-22. Then in 2022-2023 this level would rise to give families of four earning up to $145,000 a 90% voucher. 


Click here to learn more about HB 1005


Of course, there's always a chance that the program could be changed in a negative way from our opponents who don't believe in giving parents the power to choose. For that reason, we need to also protect and defend what we already have while encouraging positive changes. 


If you are currently benefiting from one of these programs, this should be especially important to you and we have two opportunities for you to Take ACTION and support the Choice Scholarship Program.


  1. Click here to Take ACTION: Select Celebrating a Decade of School Choice to tell your elected representatives that we have to make Choice more accessible to more families if we want to keep seeing the positive impacts. Tell your personal story to put a face on the issue.


  1. Click here to Take ACTION: Thank members of the Indiana General Assembly for supporting private school choice programs in our state. This is another great way to help our schools and to let your voice be heard.


Click here for tips for writing your Rep and a Sample Message


In your message to legislators, either to tell them you want them to support the new legislation or to thank them for their current support, we hope you will share your own individual story of school choice and why education is important to you. Please feel free to share your message with our administrators and school community by emailing it to and we will share it with teachers, staff, board members and the LCSS community.


Together, we will continue to help our legislators know how much the Choice Scholarship Program means to our families!