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Faith Formation

School Blessing

Raising your child in the faith is an awesome responsibility. At the Lafayette Catholic Schools, we are here to assist you in this task by supporting the morals and values you promote at home. It is our desire to create an environment where every student can come to know God in such a way that they become willing servants to God’s daily call in their lives to transform the world through word and deed.
The spiritual formation of your child begins with recognizing God as Creator, the One who gave us Jesus, who in turn revealed God and the Spirit to us. Through Scripture, Catholic tradition and Church teachings, your child will learn of the great love God has for them. We seek to nurture in each child knowledge about God, as well as relationship with God and community, and cultivate a spirit of loving service to others.
Children in the elementary grades come to know God through their surroundings and through the lives of others. Whether it be stories from the Bible or learning about lives of the saints as shared by the parish priest, children learn about the God who created them in His image.Exploring their own surroundings and observing the good in their lives teaches that everything comes from a loving God.
Students at Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School develop spiritually by taking theology classes every semester, attending retreats, and performing community service. On our campus, Jesus Christ is the reason for our school. He watches over our students as they mature, discover their talents, and learn what motivates them. Learning takes place in a social context as part of a larger community when students interact with their teachers, peers, coaches, and moderators.  This makes learning inside and outside of the classroom equally important. Our students grow by gaining a deeper understanding of their faith, preparing for college, participating in academic teams, providing service to the community, signing up for clubs, joining organizations, playing athletics, singing, making music, creating art, attending events, and supporting special causes.  A Central Catholic Knight does all this for the greater glory of God.
As your child grows closer to God, they will gain a greater understanding of prayer in their lives. Petitions for expectant mothers, recited prayers of praise and thanksgiving, rosaries for the sick in the school community, and quiet personal prayer during Adoration give way to a loving bond with Jesus. A wide array of liturgical celebrations provide opportunity to come to know God through our Catholic faith—learning about lives committed to God on Feast Days and Holy Days, preparing minds and hearts for Christmas during the Advent season, and seeing Jesus great love for us in the Living Stations of the Cross and Holy Week reenactments.
In-depth preparation and ongoing participation in the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation nourish your child’s love for God. Love, that is demonstrated not only through collecting school supplies for Haiti and monthly Mass collections for community needs, but also through relationships with their fellow students, where they develop empathy, compassion and understanding.