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LCSS Fast Facts

Our Schools:

5 campuses housing preschool to grade 12.

3 schools connected to parishes

Student Body:

Total enrollment: 992


% of enrollment in 4-year college: 98%

Student Life:

# of extracurricular activities & clubs

# of athletic teams:

Elementary: 5th & 6th Volleyball

(K-3 practice) 4th, 5th & 6th, Boys & Girls Basketball

5th & 6th Cheerleading

Junior High:

Senior High:

Academic Achievements:

Athletic Achievements: 2019 Football State Championship, 2020 Girls Soccer State Championship

2020 Seniors received $4,515,622 in scholarships.

CC Extracurricular Activities

In The Classroom:

Average class size: 18

Student-to-Faculty ratio: 18:1

# of teachers: 59 teachers (34 at CC)

17 specials teachers at Elementary schools

2 Title I


1 Resource teacher

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered: 5 AP Courses and 14 Dual Credit Courses

Average SAT score: 1158

# of courses offered in high school: 86

Financial Aid:

64% of students receive at least one form of Student Aid.

$100-$8,955 per student range in Student Aid awards for 2019-20

4 forms of Student Aid awarded to LCSS students:

School Choice Scholarships

SGO Grants

Tuition assistance & scholarships

Tuition credit grant

450 of the 929 LCSS students receive either a Partial or a Full Indiana School Choice Scholarship.

Over 2.5 million dollars in Student Aid was awarded to LCSS students in the 2019-20 school year.