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How old does my child have to be to enroll in the program?

Preschool students must be 3 years old by August 1st of the school year in which they are applying. Pre-K students should be AT LEAST 4 years old by August 1st of the school year in which they are applying. 

Does my 3-year-old child have to be potty trained before entering the program?

Yes. Your child MUST be potty trained and independent in the bathroom.  Our teachers will assist the child who may have an occasional accident.  We will request a change of clothes for all students to remain in their backpacks.

Will St. Francis wear the LCSS school uniform?

No, our students play and pray hard at St. Francis, and they should be dressed appropriately for such activity. Children should be well-groomed and in school appropriate attire. 

What are the operational hours for St. Francis?

Our preschool offers a variety of sessions to children from 8a -3pm and  follows the LCSS school calendar.  Before and after school care are also options for working families and can extend the educational day between the hours of 7-5:30. 

Will St. Francis have Mass?

No. However, our students will have daily prayer, occasional trips to the Grotto, religious instruction, visits from the priests, and Catholic social teachings embedded in their daily instruction. 

Do you accept vouchers?

We are a participant in the On My Way to Pre-K program. There is a discounted rate for registered parishioners at one of the six participating LCSS parishes (St. Ann, St. Mary Cathedral, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, Blessed Sacrament, and St. Thomas Aquinas). Households with an income of less than $75,000 will receive a discounted rate. If you have any questions or are concerned about the affordability of our schools, please contact Barb Schummer in the Financial Aid Office [email protected]

Do you provide transportation?

No. We do have a designated drop-off and pick-up section, and we are located within walking distance of a City Bus stop. 

What will the curriculum focus on?

Programming will be play-based with focus on kindergarten readiness skills in the areas of language/literacy, math, self regulation, social/emotional, social studies, creative expression, science, physical health, and religion.  

What are the Tuition Rates? Please visit here. Registered parishioners at one of the six Catholic parishes (St. Mary Cathedral, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, Blessed Sacrament, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Ann) of Lafayette Catholic School System do receive a discount. Households who make less than $75,000 a year will also receive a discounted rate. Tuition will vary based on the program you choose. If you have any questions, please contact our Student Aid Coordinator Barb Schummer [email protected]