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Our Covid-19 Response

We are pleased to inform you that at this time we are going to open the school year with full, in-person instruction beginning on August 16. Following a collaborative effort of medical professionals, the Diocese of Lafayette, school leaders, faculty and the Board of Directors, below are important details concerning COVID-19 protocols for the 2021-2022 school year.


Under normal circumstances The LCSS welcomes visitors to school campuses. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us and limiting non-essential visitors in our buildings during the academic school day has been important to getting the school year started. With the school year underway The LCSS is amending the visitor protocol. 

Parent Volunteers and Visitors:

We know parent support is a critical component of our community engagement and partnership. Parent volunteer activities are permitted by seeking approval from the person to be visited and the school principal. Visitors are required to follow the mitigation guidelines for the respective school. 

Special Events:

Schools may conduct special events for parents to view. Examples include Masses, Chapel Talks, presentations, performances, projects and award ceremonies. Each respective school is responsible for following the mitigation guidelines outlined for all who enter the building. 

Dear Lafayette Catholic School System Family:

First off, I want to thank you for your continued support of our faculty and staff as we work to provide your student(s) with the exceptional education you expect from the Lafayette Catholic Schools, all while living through this continuing pandemic. 

In the three short weeks since we made the decision to take advantage of the Governor’s executive order, we were able to avoid quarantining 140 students after experiencing positive cases in our elementary schools. This has allowed our children to remain in the classroom and has reduced the stress on them, our families and teaching staff. To that end, we have decided, at this time, to continue to request that students wear masks while attending St. Francis, St. Lawrence, St. Mary and St. Boniface. We will continue to review and evaluate the situation on a regular basis and will notify you of any changes in our policy as they occur. 

Your continued prayers for our hardworking teachers is always appreciated.

Bryan Stapleton
Board Chair   

Dear LCSS Families, 

The Board of Directors and LCSS leadership have continued to monitor the COVID situation both locally and for the state as we had promised we would do. To that end, we have reviewed the order signed by Governor Holcomb this week that addresses mitigation of quarantines in all public and private schools. This order, which expires on September 30, 2021, provides schools that operate with a full mask policy to limit all quarantines to only students and staff that have a positive COVID test. 

In light of these changes and the impact quarantines have on our students, teachers, families, and our entire school system, effective Wednesday, September 8th, students at St. Francis Early Learning Academy, St. Mary, St. Boniface and St. Lawrence schools, whose students are not eligible for vaccination, will require mandatory face coverings for everyone while they are in those buildings. If this Executive Order had been in place a week earlier, 60 LCSS students would be in school rather than quarantined at home. Our goal is to keep your child(ren) in the classroom, as well as minimize the disruptions for our teachers and staff. 

Parents of students at Central Catholic continue to have the option to support our schools by either vaccinating their child(ren) or asking your child(ren) to wear a mask if they are not vaccinated. Selecting one of these two options will significantly reduce students who are required to quarantine and the stress on our teachers and staff. 

The LCSS administration will continue to review and revisit our Health and Safety Plan and Policies. The Board, in consultation with the administration, will make the determination by September 30, if the use of face coverings will continue to be required based on an extension of the Executive Orders.

Please note, it is still important for families and staff to continue to self-screen or screen their students for COVID prior to coming to school each day. NO INDIVIDUAL SHOULD ENTER SCHOOL IF HE/SHE IS NOT FEELING WELL OR HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH ANYONE WHO HAS COVID. 

We remain committed to keeping students in our classrooms where they learn best and providing the quality educational experience your family deserves. Your continued support and patience as we navigate changing circumstances is greatly appreciated as are your prayers. 


Bryan Stapleton
Board Chair

Dear parents, 

The first week of school flew by! I would like to thank our students, teachers, staff and parents for a great first week. The pressure being placed on our schools at this time is unprecedented, and with everyone doing their best it was a solid start.

Similar to last year, our team is making efforts to be transparent with the impact of COVID on our system. On our website is the latest COVID-19 tracker for your reference. This will be updated every Monday before the end of business. 

We have a lot of data from last year and learned along the way. We will use this data and these experiences to successfully cope with the effects of the current crisis on our schools. Analysis of real time information may require our schools to make changes quickly. Based upon past experience, 24-hours can be an eternity throughout this pandemic. We all share in the responsibility to keep each other safe and students in school.  

Important reminders:

  • No individual should enter school if he/she is not feeling well or has been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 OR is in a household with another family member in the process of getting tested and awaiting results. 
  • Fully vaccinated individuals need to monitor for signs and symptoms and stay home if exhibiting any symptoms. 
  • The Holy See and U.S. Bishops have determined that the reception of the vaccines is morally acceptable and responsible. 


Thank you for your help, support and understanding as we continue on another year of uncertainty. We must work together to keep our community safe and students in school.


Matt C. Buche


Dear Lafayette Catholic School System Family:

I hope this letter finds you enjoying the final moments of summer. I am excited about the promise of the upcoming school year and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

I am pleased to inform you that at this time we are going to open the school year with full, in-person instruction beginning on August 16. Following a collaborative effort of medical professionals, the Dioceses of Lafayette, school leaders, faculty and the Board of Directors, below are important details concerning COVID-19 protocols. 

  • For the 2021-2022 school year, families and individuals need to consider when or if a mask is appropriate for themselves and their children. Masks are strongly recommended for unvaccinated students and staff, vulnerable individuals who may be at increased risk of illness, and anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask. This policy could be modified based on updated guidance. Should anything change concerning mask mandates we will immediately update our staff, students and families. 

  • Students will be seated three feet apart in the classroom and contact tracing will still be required. If a student tests positive, he/she will need to be isolated. Parents of students that meet close contact criteria will be notified that their child has been potentially exposed to COVID-19. Options for what a close contact student can do are further explained in additional documents. We will continue to be transparent and post weekly updates of positive cases in our community, as needed. 

  • There is no opt-out for full-time, virtual instruction as we believe it is important for our entire school to return to normalcy of full, in-person instruction. 

  • Similar to last year, a daily self-screen will still be required of students and staff. Students and staff who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without being otherwise explained are prohibited from coming to school. Please see our FAQ for updated COVID-19 symptoms. 

  • The Holy See and U.S. Bishops have determined that the reception of the vaccines is morally acceptable and responsible. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all eligible parties should be encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. LCSS will not require vaccinations of students and staff. We believe that getting vaccinated is a personal family decision. Vaccinated students and staff members will not have to quarantine due to close contact exposure. 

Below is important information related to the LCSS Health and Safety Return to School Guidelines. Additionally, more comprehensive COVID-19 plans will remain available on our website. We will continue to update information on the FAQ page. Specific COVID-19 questions can be directed to covid@lcss.org

I am excited about returning to school and the promise that 2021-2022 holds. Please continue to pray for the success of our Lafayette Catholic School System.

Bryan Stapleton
Board Chair