Mrs. Penny Reed Honored with the Teacher of the Month Award

St. Lawrence Elementary School proudly announces that Mrs. Penny Reed, a dedicated 1st-grade teacher, has been honored with the Teacher of the Month award by WAZY 96.5, a leading radio station in our community.

Mrs. Reed, known for her passion for education and unwavering commitment to her students, was selected for this recognition after several St. Lawrence families wrote nominations that highlighted her exceptional contributions to the academic and personal development of her students. Mrs. Reed is also a 1978 CC alumna.

The Teacher of the Month award, sponsored by WAZY 96.5, is designed to celebrate and acknowledge outstanding educators who go above and beyond in shaping the future of our community. Mrs. Reed's innovative teaching methods, compassion, and ability to inspire young minds have set her apart as an exemplary educator.

Mrs. Reed was surprised by B. Adams from WAZY with the award on Thursday, September 28 in front of her class. B. Adams remarked that it was the most nominations they had ever received for a teacher.

Congratulations, Mrs. Reed!