A Divine Transformation: The St. Joseph Chapel Entry Hallway at Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School

Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School is a place of learning, growth, and spiritual nourishment. At the heart of this institution lies the St. Joseph Chapel, a sacred space where students and faculty alike find solace and inspiration in their faith. Recently, a remarkable transformation of the chapel's entry hallway was made possible through the generosity of the Noreen Theresa (O'Brien) Beardmore family and friends. This renovation serves as a fitting tribute to Noreen's memory, her dedication to God, and her desire to guide others towards Him. The project encompasses various aspects, from new carpets and wall coverings to awe-inspiring wall graphics, lighting elements, and a saint wall featuring the four patron saints of the school. Moreover, the transformation extends to the ceiling, seamlessly connecting the chapel's theme with the main school hallway. As we eagerly anticipate the project's completion, let's explore the details of this extraordinary endeavor.

Hallway Concept

The generous gift that has brought about this transformation is a heartfelt homage to the late Noreen Theresa (O'Brien) Beardmore. Her memory lives on through this endeavor, symbolizing her enduring commitment to directing everyone towards God. Noreen's spirit of devotion and love for her faith continues to inspire all who pass through the newly renovated St. Joseph Chapel entry hallway.

The renovation project focuses on enhancing the ambiance of the St. Joseph Chapel entry hallway in a manner that fosters spiritual reflection and reverence. Some of the key elements include:


New Carpets: The installation of plush, high-quality carpets not only adds warmth to the space but also provides a comfortable and quiet environment for those entering the chapel. The choice of colors and design complements the serene atmosphere.

Wall Coverings: New wall coverings have been carefully selected to create an atmosphere of tranquility and spirituality. These coverings reflect the timeless beauty of Catholic tradition while offering a fresh and inviting aesthetic.

Wall Graphics: Perhaps one of the most striking features of the renovation is the addition of wall graphics that narrate the spiritual journey. These visually captivating elements serve as a reminder of the profound connection between faith and art, guiding visitors on a path of contemplation and inspiration.

Lighting Elements: Thoughtfully designed lighting elements are integrated into the hallway, illuminating the path to the chapel with a warm and welcoming glow. These fixtures contribute to the overall ambiance, making it conducive for prayer and reflection.

The Saint Wall

A significant highlight of the renovation is the installation of a Saint Wall, dedicated to the four patron saints of Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School:

  • Immaculate Conception: As the patroness of the United States, the Immaculate Conception represents purity and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • St. Joseph: The chapel's namesake and a symbol of humility, righteousness, and familial love.
  • St. John Bosco: Known for his dedication to youth and education, St. John Bosco embodies the school's commitment to nurturing young minds.
  • St. Maria Goretti: A symbol of purity and forgiveness, St. Maria Goretti's presence inspires students to embrace virtuous living.

The ceiling, seamlessly connected to the chapel's theme, serves as a symbolic bridge between the sacred space and the main school hallway. This continuity reinforces the idea that faith and spirituality are integral components of the educational journey at Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School.


The transformation of the St. Joseph Chapel entry hallway at Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School is a testament to the enduring legacy of Noreen Theresa (O'Brien) Beardmore and the profound impact of faith in the lives of the school's community. This renovation not only enhances the physical environment but also serves as a powerful reminder of the spiritual values that guide the institution.

As we eagerly await the project's completion, we are reminded that the chapel's sacred aura will extend beyond its walls, touching the hearts and minds of all who enter. It is a living testament to the power of faith, memory, and the generous spirit of those who believe in the transformative potential of faith-based education.