Indiana College Certificate Puts Kids on a Fast-Track to College Success

Due to the recent increase in the Dual Credit and Advanced College Placement (ACP) course offerings, Central Catholic is pleased to offer the Indiana College Core certificate through Indiana University. Upon graduation, our students who complete this certificate will have completed thirty hours of college credit that is transferable to any state and most private colleges in Indiana.

Currently, in our junior class, we have eight students on track to this certificate. We expect more students to take advantage of this great opportunity in the coming years. The ICC will allow students to complete their core classes before ever stepping foot on a college campus, so that they can explore and jump into their desired major. Completing the ICC gives our students a year of college credit. This will save them time and money in the long run. 

Just imagine the opportunities that could open for our students who pursue this certificate. A student could travel abroad, add a minor, prepare for student teaching, or even graduate early. This is yet another way we are preparing our students for life!