Larry Mathew, CC '64

Meet Larry Mathew! Larry graduated from Central Catholic in 1964. Larry transferred to Central Catholic during his junior year of high school. He remembers his classmates and teachers, especially Fr. Vernon and Fr. Loner. 

“I have very fond memories of Central Catholic and many of my friends date back to my Central Catholic years,” said Larry. “My two sisters and my one brother are also graduates of Central Catholic - Kathy in 1966, Julie in 1969, and Ed in 1975.” 

In 1967, Larry was drafted in the army and went from basic training to advanced infantry training. He was assigned to a reconnaissance platoon of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam. Larry still keeps in touch with his army buddies and recently hosted a reunion with those he served with in Vietnam.  

After his military service, Larry returned to Lafayette where he made a career as a barber from 1966 to 2020. Many locals would recognize Larry’s shop - Mathew’s Barbershop - which is on the corner of 9th and South Street. 

“It was a wonderful career. It was lots of fun and I made many friends,” said Larry. 

Larry is the proud father of two children, Brett and Melissa, and one grandchild, Mylee.



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