In 1988-89 school year, what grade were you in when the first State test, ISTEP was created?

The Spring of 1989 was the first time students in grades 1 to 8 and 11 were tested on state standards in Math and English. Testing was on paper and the results came back in September of the next school year. Since then, ISTEP has changed the grades tested, the dates, the subject matter, and the method of testing. By 2018-19 ISTEP was replaced to ILearn and all tests were administered online. Schools were given a grade (A, B, C, D) based on student performance. By the Spring of 2020 school grades were discontinued. A new dashboard will be established in 2024.

Driven by our mission of “educating students for life”, the LCSS teachers found that ILearn, given at the end of the school year for the state, was not sufficient. They asked for a consistent research-based approach to evaluating students three times a year according to standards-based curriculum in English, reading, and math. Funds were set aside and In 2020-2021, each LCSS elementary school administered the NWEA assessment in September, December, and February. Now in 2021-2022, we continued with the same NWEA online assessments. This consistency allows teachers to evaluate and share with the child and parent the progress over the school year leading to a solid foundation for individual success and preparation for ILEARN. The students find the test challenging and even “fun” on their iPad. The test is adapted to each child’s learning ability. No two students have the same assessment. A lot has changed since 1988! But LCSS elementary schools still strive for each child’s education for life!