Mary Ann Grove's Retirement

Mary Ann started teaching at St. Lawrence in 1975 and has spent the intervening years sharing her faith and teaching expertise with multiple generations of students and staff. Mary Ann is retiring this year after 46 years. She has been one of the most dynamic teachers in the school community, and it is evident that she truly loves her students. 

"Mrs. Grove truly exemplifies what it means to be a faith-filled, caring teacher. When you think of St. Lawrence, you can't help but think of Mrs. Grove!" said Jody Williams, principal of St. Lawrence School.

As a teacher, Mary Ann took the time to get to know her students and individualized methods and actions to help them do their best. No matter the class size, she made each student feel important. Mary Ann also integrated her love of God throughout her day and in all that she taught. Her classroom has been a place full of love and laughter for nearly three generations of students.