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Alumni Corner- Tricia (Martin) Rausch

Alumni Corner- Tricia (Martin) Rausch

Meet Tricia (Martin) Rausch! Tricia is a 1995 Central Catholic graduate. After graduation, Tricia went on to pursue a degree from Purdue University. In 1999 she graduated with Bachelor of Science in Child Development with distinction. Shortly after, Tricia was able to marry her fellow CC and Purdue graduate and high school sweetheart, Matt Rausch. Matt had graduated from CC and Purdue in the same years as Tricia and obtained his degree in Building Construction Management.

They then moved to Indianapolis together to begin married life and careers. Tricia began by teaching kindergarten in Fishers, Indiana and then went on to work as a service coordinator for First Step. She served several counties in central Indiana. In 2004, Tricia became a stay at home mother after adopting their daughter Clare. Their joy and family grew with the adoption of son Will in 2007.

In 2008, however, life changed drastically for the Rausch family. Tricia was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. After a difficult year of treatment, Tricia’s prognosis was good and she became involved in fundraising for local charities in support of cancer patients.

Matt and Tricia decided to make the move back to Lafayette in 2012, where they enrolled their two children at St. Mary Cathedral. Although they were sad to leave Indianapolis, they were thrilled to move back home.

In 2013, Tricia founded Tricia’s Hope, INC. A non-profit organization aimed at providing emotional and financial support to cancer patients during their treatment.   Although Tricia considers herself a stay at home mother, she still works as a volunteer and is the president and CEO of Tricia’s Hope.

“I feel so blessed by all of the support and love my family received during my treatment. While cancer itself was not a blessing, we did learn a lot from the experience, including how to love,” Tricia said. “We received the love of God through the hands of his servants here on earth. I am eternally grateful and my hope is to help others in the same way.”

Tricia and Matt also began a journey as foster parents in 2013. Since then they have been blessed with the adoption of 2 more children, George and Makenna, both are now preschoolers at St. Mary’s.

How did LCSS prepare me for College and Career:

I distinctly remember reflecting on my preparedness during my college years. The teachers at CC encouraged personal responsibility and accountability. As I transitioned to college, I was ready to stand on my own, capable and confident. I had the self-doubt typical of an 18-year-old girl off to explore the world, but part of me was filled with a resolve, an awareness of my skill set and a willingness to try.

What did I like most about LCSS experience:

This is a tough question to answer it really depends on the perspective I take. The friendships made last a lifetime. I am truly thankful for so many friendships developed over the years at LCSS; many of whom I have been able to reconnect with after years of being out of town. I view the LCSS experience through a different set of lenses now, as the mom of 4 children, I value the LCSS community and the LCSS culture. One needs only spend a significant amount of time away from LCSS, in the public school setting to notice the difference. I do believe children can receive an excellent education in the public school setting. I do believe there are wonderful extracurricular opportunities available to children in the public school setting. There is something extra special that happens when you put JESUS right in the middle of education, though. When you put together a group of families that are making sacrifices so that their children can receive an education that is Faith-based, the families are actively involved. When Christ is at the center of everything we do, His beauty radiates.   That is what I see in LCSS. Parents that know the students, not just their child’s best friend, they know the students and they love the students. A group of professionals, teachers, and administrators working WITH parents because they all truly LOVE the children and want to see them succeed in life. They want to see them radiate God’s beauty.

When I graduated from Central Catholic I was ready to venture out on my own, to separate from the small town feeling that LCSS provides. I think a big part of that desire actually reflected positively on my teachers and coaches. Their roles as instructors and mentors helped prepare me. My desire for more, to adventure, to see the bigger world was because I was ready. Now, as a parent, and as someone older and maybe a little wiser, I think that the small town feeling provided by LCSS is our second biggest strength, second only to the ability to provide our students with an education that is FAITH based. Our Faith is the reason for our school system. Our Faith is our biggest strength. Our families and the community we make up when we come together are our second biggest strength. As a student, from the time of elementary school through high school I always felt LOVED. I felt loved by the teachers, by the office staff, by the parents of classmates. I remember the names and faces of the parents at All School Masses and I remember the chaperones, the elementary school coaches, and the slumber parties. I remember the extra eye contact if I was walking a little too fast in the hallway during a basketball game (Not that I would ever do such a thing). I remember the coach calling my home for a curfew check on a Friday night. I knew I was being watched and even though teenagers say they hate that, we all know, it showed me I was loved. I knew, deep down, it had more to do with me than just the letter on the jacket that I was representing.

My Favorite Memories:

I thought the last question was tough! Memories from basketball are especially great. Memories of driving to softball practice at Mar Len Park—that’s right, we used to have to DRIVE to softball practice!!! Senior year was pretty much the best, even though we didn’t win the battle of the classes and I can’t believe I am admitting that in writing. Now when I am with my childhood friends and we reminisce over the good ol’ days at CC and my kids overhear conversations, their jaws drop over words like “typing class” and “handwritten research paper”.

My husband and I consider our role as parents to be one of the biggest blessings and biggest responsibilities. We are so thankful to be able to provide our children with the opportunity to experience LCSS. We Are CC!

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