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Stolen 1964 CC Class Ring Goes Viral

Stolen 1964 CC Class Ring Goes Viral

Sandra (Wulff) Chambers, class of 1964, does not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or an email account, but she found herself in the viral world of social media fame this late October.img_1971

Someone recently broke into her offsite storage unit near her home in Colorado Springs. Sandra and her husband, Leslie, had not bothered to report anything to the police because they were not entirely sure what was missing.

What Sandra never could have predicted was that the Colorado Springs Police Department had recovered one of her stolen items during a vehicle theft investigation. On Thursday, October 20th, the police department posted photos of her Central Catholic class graduation ring on the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Facebook page. Within a few days, the story had been shared over 2,000 times. Our school staff could not put their phones down over the weekend without a notification from Facebook, a text message, or an email regarding the story.

We contacted the Colorado Spring Police Department on Thursday to offer assistance, but our help was not needed. Fellow classmate, Rosemary Staley, from El Paso, TX, who is on Facebook, had emailed Sandra’s husband before the weekend. She provided the number the police department listed.

Sandra was quoted in the Journal & Courier, “I called the detective and described the ring. Then I thought that was the end of that. Wrong. That’s when it exploded.”

This 1964 Lafayette (Indiana) Central Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School female class ring was recovered during a motor vehicle theft investigation. We'd like to get it back to the rightful owner. Please call 719-444-7000.

This 1964 Lafayette (Indiana) Central Catholic Jr. / Sr. High School female class ring was recovered during a motor vehicle theft investigation.

Explode it did. Sandra left Indiana over 26 years ago, but her CC and Lafayette communities found her. Local and regional media outlets tracked down Sandra and had contacted the school for comments. WLFI, WTHR and the Journal & Courier were all covering the missing ring following the weekend of social media shares, likes and comments. Her mother and sisters, Shirley (Wulff) Benham ‘70 and Patricia (Wulff) Conrad ‘73, who all still live in Indiana, were getting a good laugh out of her unsuspecting fame.

We did not have contact information for Sandra and reached out to her sisters in hope of learning more. We finally made contact with Sandra on Wednesday, October 26th when she called us. “It came back to haunt me!” she shared her perspective on the ring with a laugh. She does look forward to getting the ring back when the police complete the investigation and will not be putting it back in storage.

Sandra was extremely grateful for the outpouring of support, but looks forward to her social media fame coming to an end. We are glad she recovered a piece of her history and hope her daily life quickly returns to normal.

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